Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Young & Restless Spanking

A lady I know from the spanking group, Chicago Crimson Moon, reported that there was a spanking this past week on the TV soap opera, The Young And The Restless." Here's how she described it:

"Daniel was talking to Abby about her foolish behavior. She wanted to start her own reality show and so had been photographed without her clothes to try and get a following. Daniel was telling her how crazy that was. She told him he was a loser and she understood why his wife had dumped him. He said, "Come here," grabbed her around the waist and bent her over and applied 2 smacks. She jumped up and ask if he was insane because he had SPANKED her, while rubbing her behind. He smiled, said "Well someone had to" and walked away. She left still rubbing her behind and crying. "

She said it was cute, and I have to admit, it sounds like it. I would have liked to have seen a lot more that just two smacks, but what do you expect from daytime TV? Soap Operas show a spanking about once every ten years, so we have to be happy with what we get.

I've also been told that if you do a Google search for "Young and the Restless Spanking" you can find a link that will take you to the clip. (I hope someone has told Chross about this--I sense an addition to the data base coming up.

It's good to have friends that watch TV!


Chross said...



Hermione said...

I see someone has! You can always send in a proposed addition to Chross yourself. There's a link to do just that on his blog.


Celine said...

Chross is always on top of it. :)
Yay for spanking in mainstream t.v., but she was really crying after two swats? *groan* Talk about dramatic. I much prefer the spanking scene in Weeds a while back..20+ swats, a red bum you could see, and the actress's face was soooo red *grin* It was much more realistic.
Dr. Ken, can I add you as a link on my blog?

Celine said...

Drat, I should have said "please." Dr. Ken, please may I add your blog to my blogroll? :)


PS, I think your idea about high-tailing it to my folks' cabin with a bag full of spanking toys sounds absolutely grand. :) Unfortunately, I'm not sure how we'd swing it since my relatives from down South tend to dominate it most of the summer ;)

Dr. Ken said...

Chross--once again, Chross comes through. :-) Cheers!

Hermione--thanks for the info, Hermione. I think I actually did know that, but I'm so used to my media spanking "startles" being about 3 weeks behind, I just assume that Chross has them by the time I write them up. So even though this one was relatively fresh, it still never occurred to me to send it in.

Celine--you said it! Chross is on top of all things Spanko.
I agree about the spanking scene in "Weeds". One of the better ones I've seen lately. I bought that season of "Weeds" on DVD just for that episode.
And yes, of course you can add a link to my blog. You may have noticed that I already added a link to yours!

Celine--Whew! Good thing you said, "Please". I was about to tell you to go get the wooden spoon!
As for the cabin--just tell them you need the cabin for a weekend because Celine needs a trip to the woodshed. They're from the South--they'll understand!
(Oh, and don't forget--spanking toys AND comic books!) :-)