Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo Caption Fun

"..........and THAT'S how you grip a bowling ball."

(Jennifer Aniston (center) and Gerard Butler (right, in the cap) greet fans in Paris while on a junket for their film, "The Bounty Hunter". Gerard Butler's left hand is apparently starring in it's own film--"The Booty Hunter"!)


BabyMan said...

That's funny! It looks like Jennifer is providing a myriad of material for our eyes. Thanks for the pic.

vfrat25000 said...

I must say Harry, your arse is firming up quite nicely...!

All right boys, one of you is about to lose a hand...!

Brad is that you?

Sorry Jenn, just looking for my car keys...!

That's NOT where it itches...!


Naomi said...

Haha. Where do you find these things?

Hermione said...

OMG! That photographer must have thought he was in the wrong position for a good shot, then presto! Instant fame on the spanking blogs!

Brilliant picture, Dr. K.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that Mr Butler is not the gentleman that I rather hoped he would be.

Dr. Ken said...

BabyMan--I think Jennifer is having fun and has stopped caring about the paparazzi....

vfrat25000--a good line or two in there.

Naomi--I spend hours and hours searching the globe and scanning the web and eventually find something totally by accident.....

Hermione--I can only imagine how much the photographer must have been paid for that shot!

Poppy--sorry about that, Poppy, although everthing I've heard has always indicated the Mr. Butler was more "bad boy" than "gentleman".

If it helps, Gerard Butler's comment on the photo was that he didn't think his hand was on Jennifer's bottom at all, and that it's just the angle of the photo that gives it that illusion. I'll leave it for you to decide.