Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something From The Oven....

Baseball season is once again upon us. I've spent a part of the last two nights at work with my radio tuned to the Minnesota Twins games, and each night I've heard a radio commercial that brought a smile to my face.

The ad is for Village Hearth bakery products. They make hamburger and hot dog buns, as well as various loafs of bread. You can likely find their products in your grocery store. I know for a fact that I recently bought a couple packages and have them here at home.

But, back to the ad.....

I didn't smile at the fact that the product is actually made locally in St. Cloud. I had no idea they were a Minnesota company, although in retrospect it's nice to know that I'm supporting an in-state business.

And I didn't smile when they told me that for years the hot dog vendors used Village Hearth prodocts at the old (and, I assume, will continue to use at the new) stadium.

No, what made me smile was the tag line, where the female announcer concluded the ad by saying:

"Village Hearth. Get your hands on their buns."

Now, that's a sentiment I can get behind.....

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