Thursday, April 1, 2010

NOT an 'April Fool's' post

Jennifer Aniston went on vacation back in February, which means she indulged in what certainly seems to be a favorite activity--donning a bikini and sunning by the pool. This means, of course, that the paparazzi indulged in their favorite activity--taking photos of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini and sunning by the pool.

The result is the following photo. Spankers everywhere, brace yourselves:

If you call yourself a spanker, and that picture did not make you go, "Wow!" or "Oh, yeah!" or "ooooooOOOOOO!" or some other appreciative noise--turn in your membership card and leave. Now.

Jennifer has been on my "Celebrities I would like to spank" fantasy list ever since Friends was on the air. At times she's even been my #1 choice. Other times she's fallen further down the list. And just when I think that maybe she's fallen out of the Top Ten, a picture like this comes along and she zooms back up into the top spot.

I saw her latest movie, The Bounty Hunter, a couple of days ago. It's not the world's greatest movie, and it certainly isn't going to win any Acadamy Awards. The critics haven';t been that kind to it, and I've even heard people who have only seen the previews say, "It looks TERRIBLE!" As for myself, I thought it was a cute-enough romantic comedy and a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours during a week of vacation. The lady is still lovely to look at. Handcuffs are involved in several scenes, if that's your sort of thing. And I think her co-star, Gerard Butler, even gives her a smack on the bottom in one scene. I couldn't really tell, though. In the scene, he's thrown her over his shoulder and is walking back to his car. The camera is shooting his right side, and he's turning and moving around a few things as he's walking, and at one point it looks like he swings his left hand up to apply a light spank to her bottom--but since he's moving and it happens on the side away from the camera, I couldn't say for certain if he did or not.

I hope he did. That bottom deserves to be spanked.


Dante d'Amore said...


I cracked up when I read this "If you call yourself a spanker, and that picture did not make you go, "Wow!"

because I actually said WOW! out loud. Nice pics!!!

Mitch said...

I second your post. Bring it on, Jennifer. Knick-knack, paddle whack (or just by hand would be even better in this case!).

Dr. Ken said...

Dante--LOL! Not only do you get to keep your membership card, I think you've achieved the "Lifetime member" upgrade!

Mitch--I agree completely. Delivering a hand-spanking to Jennifer's beautiful bottom would be heavenly.