Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad Romance

I think my feelings about the subject of the photo in this post can best be summed up by repeating some of the deep, meaningful and insightful lyrics of one of her songs:


"Rah Rah-ah-ah-ah




It's enough to make me wish Lady Gaga had called her second album, "The Spank Monster".......


Naomi said...

I'm pretty sure she is not opposed to receiving a spanking. She has a song called 'I like it rough', and sings mostly about naughty, sort of non-vanilla things.

Who knows. Maybe next time she shows her ass off there will be a bruise or two, haha.

Dr. Ken said...

Naomi--I'm hoping that she will follow in Madonna's footsteps and do her own song in praise of the fine art of spanking.

Her first album was called, "The Fame". Her second was named, "The Fame Monster". If she continues to add a word to the sentence each time, hopefully album three will be, "The Fame Monster Spanks".

sixofthebest said...

Maybe Lady Gaga will call the song. "Six of the best, Six of the very best. At Dr.Ken's request"