Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Written Invitation

It's not easy for a Spanker to figure out who might be a potential Spankee. Life would be a whole lot simpler if interested ladies would just wear something like this......


Hermione said...

A fine idea, but how would you read the invitation? Perhaps it should be spelled out in rhinestones on their jeans. (Wranglers - take note.)


Anonymous said...

If I had a pair that said "On no account may you spank this bottom" would that work?

Great idea. I am inspired.


Lil Sam said...

lol, Hermione and I have the same idea, I can just see the jeans. cute

Cheryl said...

Ken, I actually have a pair of red panties that say SPANK ME on them. Should I wear them to the next party we're both at? :)


A.S.S. said...

Get to see lots of clever panties and spanking parties. The basic straight to the point message works the best though. Love that middle pic.

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Doc!

But Poppy - no, it wouldn't.

Larken said...

Hey, Dr. Ken, You got Chrossed!

Nice panties. I think jeans should have a little red embroidered hand print on the back pocket. :)

Dr. Ken said...


Poppy--If faced with panties with a message like that, I'd simply pull them down and spank away. Out of sight, out of mind, y'know...

Lil Sam--perhaps we should send a suggestion to Calvin Klein?

Cheryl--oh, yes, please! (Not that you have any problem getting spanked!) :-)

A.S.S.--you get to see a lot of panties at Spanking Parties, period. I remember one party where I suggested to a very naughty young lady that she should stick her name tag across the seat of her panties. The way she was going, more people would get to see it that way...

Devlin O'Neill--thanks! And thanks for the being the final voice of authority on Poppy's idea.

Larken--Wow! It always makes me happy to hear that Chross has selected a post of mine to include on his blog!
I think we should write some designer and suggest that they start manufacturing a line called, "Spank Me Jeans". The word, "Spank" could be hand-stitched across the left back pocket and "Me" could be stitched across the right rear pocket.
That's a million dollar idea, right there. I should copyright that. Does posting it here count as a copyright? :-)