Monday, February 8, 2010

The Votes Are In

In my previous post, I asked you for your help in picking a new drawing for the blog profile. You all responded with your selections and your comments, and I just want to say a big "thank you" to all of you for participating!

From the very start, it was evident which picture was going to win. It jumped to a 4-1 lead with the first 5 votes, and it turned into a landslide after that. The second picture garnered only 2 votes overall, and was never really a serious contender.

My thanks to several very astute readers who mentioned the fact that the dialogue in picture two, once reduced in size, would become unreadable, thus losing some of the charm of the drawing--although, as another wonderful reader pointed out, with a "nice red butt" like that, who cares?

(For that matter, the printing on the diploma in the first picture--"Doctor Of Spanking Therapy"--can't be read in it's shrunken down, either, but it's probably not quite as vital to that picture as the dialogue is to the other. And you can always click on the picture and view it full size--I know I do that with a number of profile pictures on other blogs.)

So, the change has been made, and the new profile picture is now on display. Thanks to everyone for making this an easy decision.

Now, my original intent was to use the losing picture for my profile the next time I decided to change it--probably around the next blog anniversary. But a number of people stated that they liked the very first drawing that I used on this blog--better than either of the two choices they were voting on. So, the next time I make a picture change, I'll go back to that original drawing.

And once I've done that, maybe I'll just leave it alone for a while.

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