Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming In The Air

Maybe it's something in the water. Or in the air.

Maybe it's because Winter already seems to have lasted forever, and everyone is getting a serious case of "cabin fever".

Maybe it's because my favorite radio station--the one I refer to as "Radio Spanko"--recently underwent some changes, and every who works there is still a little giddy. They didn't change any of the programming (thank the deity), but they did change themselves from "FM107.1" to "MyTalk107.1", changed the call letters, and came up with a new on-air slogan--"A little gossip. A lot of laughs". (Personally, I think the slogan is horrid, but since they didn't ask me.........)

Whatever the reason, as I was listening a few weeks back, I must admit I was caught by surprise on more than one occasion after the big "change"--and all on the same day! (As usual, I'm relying on my memory for the dialogue, so I can almost guarantee that it's not 100% accurate. It's close enough to give you the flavor of it, however.)

The first incident was during the Jason and Alexis show (Jason Matheson, Alexis Thompson). Jason was doing a segment that he called, "Fantasy Island". Listeners were to call in and answer a simple question: If there were no repercussions or consequences, which celebrate would you like to make out with? (Actually, I believe the exact phrase was not "make out", but rather to have "hot sweaty monkey love" with).

Spankers and spankees have been doing a variation of this for years, and the discussions can be found on message boards everywhere: If you could, what celebrity would you like to spank? (Jennifer Aniston, if you're reading me!) Or, depending on your preference, which celebrity would you like to be spanked by?

Back to the show--several listeners called in with their choices (no surprise, George Clooney's name came up), and then one caller mentioned Harrison Ford. Jason thanked the caller, and then Alexis chimed in with, "Yeah, I'd have to agree. Harrison Ford. But the Indiana Jones version."

Jason said, "Right" and Alexis added, "With the whip......."

Jason: You would go straight to the whip.

Alexis: And the hat....

Jason: No, never mind the hat! You already gave yourself away with the whip!

Alexis started to backpedal a little bit, hemmed and hawed, and then said, "Oh, wait. You said "no consequences", right?

Jason: Right.

Alexis: Okay. Whip away!

The next radio startle came on the very next show. This is the show I probably have referenced the most, the Lori and Julia show, also known as the Lo-J show. I've suspected Lori of being a closet spanko for some time now--or if not a spanko, then someone with a bit of kink in them.

On their show, Lori was reading a blurb about a movie that was going into production that would star Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The movie, she reported, would feature the two in some very steamy shower scenes--at which point Lori commented, "I wish there were nipple clamps and whips, but there aren't".

It's hard to laugh when your jaw has dropped to the floor........


Hermione said...

Those are wonderful, Dr. Ken. You really do have to have your listening ears on for that station. Please take good notes for us, and don't leave anything out!


ronnie said...

Great. I agree with Hermione Dr.Ken, keep listening and please share more.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I listen to that station every day at work, so if they stray off into Spanko territory, I'll more than likely hear it!

ronnie--I'll do my best. :-)