Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is CNN???

I had just made a trip to my locker at the place where I work, and as I was leaving I passed throught the break room. The TV was on and tuned to CNN. The show and the host were unfamiliar to me--I don't watch CNN that early in the day (or that often, for that matter).

As I walked past the TV on the way to my work area, he started a story with the following words:

"It isn't often that a snowstorm strands thousands of people......"

I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at the screen, and thought, "You've never been in a snowstorm your entire life, have you, you dumb @$!%?"

'It isn't often'??? It happens every winter in all the states that get snow! There are always several really good storms--or "blizzards" (it's not just a treat at Dairy Queen)--in the East and the Midwest and elsewhere that make travel impossible and close airports leaving thousands of people with delayed or cancelled flights. I've got some 'news' for that guy--it really isn't as rare as he seems to think!

Of course, his next 'item' was--of all things--a tweet from the Twitter account of Sarah Palin.

I'm sorry--this is news???? A tweet that probably was written by some staff member of Ms. Palin's? What's next? "We have breaking news! According to a tweet from Ashton Kutcher, "Demi Moore--still hot!"

Geez--stop the freakin' presses!!

Apparently CNN has decided to hire idiots to fill up the on-air hours, and "CNN" now officially stands for "Crappy News Nutjob".

Well, that's enough of a rant for one day. Besides, all this talk about snowstorms is a good excuse to post these photos.......

Any snowbound ladies want their bottoms warmed up?


Robert said...

Hey you have a pretty cool blog here...If your interested check mine out, its in the address bar. Im having a little trouble finding it in the search engine.

OZ said...

We caught CNN out over amateur radio in Haiti - Low-tech radios connect some Haitians ( / ) .

Low-tech , my ***** !


OZ said...

It is a shame that these SPAMMERS wreck it for everyone in Blogs , Groups and Forums . Our Blog Comments are moderated because of them .


Dr. Ken said...

Robert--this really isn't the place to advertise your blog. That said, I'll let the post stand and wish you well.

Oz--I'm very close to turning on "comment moderation" myself. I'm getting tired of having to clean them out of recent posts.

Anonymous said...


I guess a Twitter by Sarah Palin is as newworthy as having to see five days of news items on what kind of dog the Obama girls got. You know, different strokes I guess.

Now about the idiot who says it's "rare" when a snowstorm stops everything....where does this guy live? Honolulu????

Here in Illinois, we get about three or four of thise kinds of storms a year. Along with extremely cold weather. It amazes me how dumb some news comentators think we are.


Cheryl said...

No idea why my previous comment was published under "anonymous" LOL. Ken, you know me, right?? LOL


Dr. Ken said...

Cheryl--which is to say, not newsworthy at all. No "tweet" is worth air time, if you ask me.

And yes, I did figure out it was you. :-)

sixofthebest said...

You must admit that on cold winter's outdoor settings like those in the photo, a naughty woman deserves to be warmed up by a good spanking on her bare bottom.