Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, The Weather Outside Is.....

I think Winter may have finally arrived here in Minnesota.

We'd had a little snow over the last few months, but it melted away. Up until last week I was still able to run around outside in short sleeves and without a jacket, which is practically unheard of for a December in Minnesota.

We're in the middle of a storm warning, though, which could easily become a blizzard by tomorrow--strong winds and limited visibility. The snow is supposed to end tomorrow around midnight and the temperatures for the rest of the week are barely going to break into double digits. That means whatever snow we get isn't likely to be melting soon--which means we'll be stuck with this until, oh, April --

So, to recap: Today's weather --

And the weather for tomorrow --

This would seem to be a good time for a "snow day". Call in to work, stay home, and spank somebody! After all, we don't anybody complaining about a cold bottom.....


Radha said...

Stay warm, Dr. Ken! My only wish today is that the flakes get bigger, rather than this small, steady downfall.

Hermione said...

Even though I am a hardy Canadian, I wouldn't scamper around outside like that. In a t-shirt, sure, but not bare-bottomed. Those ladies must live in Lapland!

Having a snow (shovelling) day here.


reina(RT) said...

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CJ said...

Hey Doc, just checking in to make sure you have not gone into hibernation!