Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Feel A Song Coming On

It's been a while since I've done a song parody. Now seems as good a time as any to rectify that situation.

So put on your false beards, your cheap sunglasses, your spinning guitars and crank the volume on the amps up to 11! This one is done to the tune, "Sharp-Dressed Man", by ZZ Top. Feel free to play the song in the background and sing along--

Stern look

He scolds

She pouts when he says that "You're not too old"


In view

She knows exactly what he's gonna do

Yeah she's in trouble, gonna pay for her pranks

But every girl's crazy 'bout a man that spanks

Rolls up

His sleeve

He sits and puts her right across his knee

His palm


She promises that she will make amends

He pulls her skirt up, gives her panties a yank

Yeah, every girl's crazy 'bout a man that spanks

Can't think

Can't speak

The spanks fall quickly dancing cheek to cheek

It stings

It burns

She can't escape because he holds her firm

And when it's over she will show him her thanks

'Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a man that spanks


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Nicely done. I'm thinking a good title for this would be "ZZ Bottom"!

Brambleberry Blush said...

Ha! I love it. It has the right rhythm. I second Karl's title too. Very fun!


Dr. Ken said...

Karl--LOL! Yeah, that would work.

Carly--Glad you like it. Whenever I do one of these, I always play the song a few times, and I always sing along to make sure the words fit and that--as you say--it all has the right rhythm. Not sure how my neighbors felt about ZZ Top playing at 1:30 in the morning, though, so I kept the volume WAY down....

Richard Windsor said...

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Your blog has already been added to the update list.

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Richard Windsor.


Anonymous said...

Thhis is only a little on topic but speaking of excellent (but essentialy wrong) song lyrics ..

Dos, a beer, a Mexican beer.
Ray, the guy who buys me beer,
Me, the guy I buy beer for,
Fa, a long way to the bar,
So, I guess I'll have a beer,
La, la la la la la laaaaa,
Tea, no thanks I'll have a beeeeer,
And it brings us back to....

It makes me smile a lot. :)

Dr. Ken said...

Richard Windsor--I've added it to the blog roll.

Poppy--Geez, after all that beer, I'd be smiling too!

Radha said...

I bet you'd be fun at karaoke! And in case you wondering, I can't sing any better than I can spell.

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--In that case, you'd have to join me far a duet. I'm no great shakes as a singer, either....