Monday, September 14, 2009

The Top Ten List

This post originally started as a comment over on The Cherry Red Report.

On Sept. 10, Dave of CRR put up a post featuring Kayla Quinn. In case you're saying, "Who's Kayla Quinn?", here's Dave's introduction--Kayla is

"a special celebrity guest columnist this week: the unstoppable adult film and fetish star, and also mainstream movie/TV actor, Kayla Quinn.
You may know her perhaps as the seasoned spanko “Ms. Law” on the spanking site Bad Tushy, and Kayla was interviewed recently on this blog HERE. A fascinating person indeed: she’s served in the Air Force; conquered cancer twice; cooks from scratch; loves beating butts; and lots more coolness.
Ms. Quinn reveals the Top 10 celebrities she’d love to spank some sense into–and why."

If you want to find out who Kayla selected, go over to The Cherry Red Report and read her post. It's a nice mix of male and female spankees. (And The Cherry Red Report is a great blog that you should be reading regularly, anyway!)

Dave then asked for reader comments, as well as asking what celebs might be on our lists. Naturally, I put up a response. Since we're this close to the new TV season, I based my list on current or former TV actresses. Some have gone on to appear in movies, but my selections were based on their TV experiences.

These lists of "What Celebrity would you like to spank/be spanked by?" have been around for a long time. Spankos always have fun dipping into their fantasy realm and seeing who pops up. And my list of celeb spankees is pretty much constantly in flux. If I watch TV or go see a movie today, my list might be very different tomorrow.

Here's my comment from CRR:

"I could name the actresses from 3 TV shows and practically fill up a list of 10--but I'll try for more diversity.

Bridget Marquardt--one of Hef's "The Girls Next Door". She seems like the most real and down-to-earth--plus, she's got a fabulous round bottom that just begs to be spanked. Sadly, I think she'd be kind of a wuss when it came right down to it--probably could handle only a few light smacks, at best.

Michaela Conlin--plays Angela on the series, "Bones". Very striking features--and a bottom worth striking, too.

Erica Cerra--Deputy Jo Lupo on "Eureka". She makes those khaki uniform pants look goooooood!

Pauley Perrette--Abby the Goth girl/forensic expert on "NCIS". Spiked collar and plaid schoolgirl skirt--she's like 3 different dream girls rolled into one.

Cote De Pablo--Ziva David on "NCIS". They're not shy about having the camera linger lovingly on her bottom in certain situations. Of course, after the spanking, her character could kill you 15 different ways with a paper clip.....

Sarah Chalke--from the series "Scrubs". Cute blonde tushy--need I say more? Plus, I think she's gotten a smack on the bottom at least once each season...

Alyson Hannigan--Lily Aldrin on "How I Met Your Mother"--although her being on this list is probably a holdover from when she played Willow on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (I have a weakness for redheads--not to mention red bottoms)

Christina Applegate--the star of "Samantha Who". Lovely comedic actress who should have been spanked when she played Kelly Bundy in "Married--With Children".

Helen Hunt--I so wanted to smack the seat of her sweat pants on "Mad About You".

Jennifer Aniston--still my favorite spankable friend from "Friends".

I could go on, but....well, that's 10!"

For the curious, the 3 TV shows I was thinking of would alone have given me 8 spankees. As it was, they did provide me with 3 names for the list. The TV shows were Friends (Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow to go with Jennifer Aniston); Bones (Emily Deschanel and Tamara Taylor, along with Michaela Conlin); and NCIS, with both of those actresses making the list.

Later, Dave of CRR was nice enough to drop me note thanking me for the comment. And, to my delight, he also sent me this, which I'm happy to share with you now.

Wow--my name in one of Dave's trademark illustrations. I feel like I've finally arrived! :-)


Hermione said...

I love the cartoon of you and your able assistant.

I agree with Helen Hunt and Christina Applegate needing spankings. That's what I always thought when I regularly watched their shows. Not familiar with any of the rest except Jennifer Anniston.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--actually, the cartoon would be of Dave of the Cherry Red Report and his assistant.
Any names you don't recognize can always be looked up on Google Iimages, in case you're curious...
So what celebrity would be on your list to spank or be spanked by, Hermione?

Dave said...