Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fan Art Part 2

This fan art Archie comics love-fest concludes with two more spanking pictures. Since Archie, Betty, Veronica et al are students at Riverdale High, the focus this time is on the faculty of the school.

First up is Miss Grundy, the stereotypical spinsterish schoolmarm who seems to teach every subject in the school's curriculem, although more often than not she's depicted as the English teacher. She looks old enough to have been in a country school house teaching readin', writin', and 'rithmetic, but instead of the lessons being sung to the tune of a hickory stick, it appears Miss Grundy prefers a good oak paddle:

Betty is once again the spankee, as seems to be the case more often than not. The characterizations here are excellent--there may be a few extra pounds added to Betty, but of course that just means there's more to spank. Miss Grundy is usually depicted as a very good and nice teacher, but the kids have undoubtedly bedevilled her a time or two over the years. Consider this moment to be Grundy's revenge. We can only hope that Veronica is waiting nervoulsy out in the hall, listening to Betty getting whacked and knowing that her turn is coming soon.

The last thing most students want to hear is, "Report to the Principal's office", so it's probably appropriate that we end this collection of fan art in that very place with Riverdale High's principal, Mr. Weatherbee:

This is a fun drawing, though maybe not fun for Betty and Veronica. Both girls are being tended to, which seems fair (although who's the one shown being whacked? Betty!). There's a nice attention to detail here--Betty's sneakers as opposed to the rich Veronica's stylish footwear, for example. Having a wide-eyed and undoubtedly appreciative Archie and Jughead looking on just adds to the richness of the drawing. The characterizations here are maybe the best and truest to form of all the drawings I've used in this and past posts. It looks like it could very easily have been drawn by one of the artists who works on Archie comics!

This is probably a good place to leave the subject for now, with Waldo Weatherbee's wood whacking away at the cute and bare (and red!) bottoms of those two comics icons, Betty and Veronica. Is this all the fan art involving these girls? Probably there are others out there--you just have to look for them. And with the upcoming storyline of Archie proposing and getting married, I think it's very likely that even as I type this, someone is laying out a drawing of Archie with his future bride over his knee, emphasizing the marriage vows of "love, honor....and OBEY!"


Dave said...

These classic illos are, well, simply classics! Love their sense of good humor and fun as well.

Blog on,

Dr. Ken said...

Dave--I agree. I also thought it would be nice to sort of have them all grouped together in one place.

Dante d'Amore said...

That was my favorite comic growing up. I have no idea how I would have reacted to the spanking versions back then, but I do like them now. ;)


sixofthebest said...

Double the pleasure, double the fun. Spanking two naughty women, on their bare bum. Great cartoon.

Dr. Ken said...

Dante--If these had been in any of the ARCHIE comics, I definitely would never have thrown them away after reading, that's for sure....

sixofthebest--Who knew the Principal had it in him to take on two at a time?

Megan Lowry said...

Hiya Dr. Ken: The school paddling pic of Betty and Veronica put me in mind of Ye Olden Days in Minnesota. I thought perhaps you'd like a little poem inspired by the real life experience of my good friend a long freakin' time ago! (And written in "Redneck Dialect" lol)


~ ~ ~ OR ~ ~ ~


This here's 'bout Kate whom you an' I
called friend at Gopher Prairie High.
Kate, too, well knew them red brick walls,
them dreary rooms an' weary halls.
Tho Kate done pretty good in school,
three times she broke th' "Tardy Rule."
Thus, ol' Coach Perkins ordered Kate
t' come see him 'bout bein' late.
Coach scolded: "Missin' Last Bell means
three Good Hard Licks 'cross seat o' jeans!"
(See, Chum, three late arrivals here
spelled mandatory swats 'pon rear.)
She'd been eighteen one month that day
so, Quite Grown Up, made bold t' say:
"Get SPANKED? Gosh! I ain't no danged kid.
Detention's fair for what I did."
Nope! Mister Perkins shot back: "Why,
Eighteen or eight - same rules apply!"
An office gal was buzzed right in
t' witness Kate atone for sin:
a twentysump'n redhead, Jane,
who years back bawled from paddlin' pain.
Kate had t' grab her ankles there,
bow low an' poke rump in midair.
A girl who's ever punished knows
Kate clenched her ten pink pudgy toes
an' had t' spread feet wide apart
an' hear th' thumpin' o' her heart.
Kate's sweet face wore an anxious frown:
she seen th' world turned Upside - Down!
Stout hardwood paddle arched way back
an' whistled down quick: WHACK! THWACK! CRACK!
Yup, Kate learnt these ain't soft "Love Taps"
but stingin', scorchin', scaldin' slaps.
Hey, some folks grin: "it's kinda funnish".
No Ma'am! Paddlin's meant t' PUNISH.
She wiped a tricklin', salty tear,
jumped up an' rubbed plump throbbin' rear.
Ya see what discipline's about
in big wet eyes an' pissed-off pout.
So, Kate got sent straight back t' class
with hot red face - but redder ass!
Engagement ring upon her hand,
twelfth grader Kate would like t' stand
yet eased down on her hard desk seat.
Them smacks stoke up fierce glowin' heat.
Kate, right soon Brad's blushin' June Bride,
winces from her blushin' backside.
Still, her 'tude is nonchalant.
Kate ain't no St. Paul debutante!
Shucks, Redneck gals ain't ones t' fuss
'bout sore Gluteus Maximus.

Dr. Ken said...

Megan Lowry --Thanks for the poem! Minnesota girls still get spanked--at least, if I have anything to say about it! Thanks also for becoming a follower of this blog!

Megan Lowry said...

Hidey Ho, Dr. Ken,

I am glad you liked the poem. I have a couple more inspired by r/l experience I can share if you want.

As for Minnesota girls being spanked, back in the 1960's and 70's they surely were, I can assure you of that. When one got into these small towns (note my reference to Gopher Prairie lol) that were agricultural, Patristic. Republican and Lutheran, the thinking of Doctor Spock didn't really hold sway either at home or in school.

It's regrettable the artist who created the Betty & Veronica shot depicted them with bare fannies. In real life a school paddling would always be administered over skirt, slack, jeans or whatever the miscreant happened to be wearing.

If two girls got into trouble together, e.g., playing hooky, it wasn't unheard of for the Vice Principal to deal with them in just the way shown here: bent over his desk side by side. I know of an incident in 1973 where a pair of young ladies, actually best friends, got into a fisticuffs in the school parking lot during lunch hour. The V.P. in question had them so positioned and alternated giving them each one lick until both had gotten three.


Dr. Ken said...

Megan Lowry -- Yes, I caught the "Gopher Prairie" reference. Immediately made me think of Eden Prairie and Lester Prairie. And, as I mentioned, I'm certainly doing my best (when I can) to see to it that some Minnesota women still get a good spanking when they need it. The opportunity, sadly, isn't there very often.

I don't think the artist was too concerned about depicting a real-life situation. The advantage of fan art, of course, is that it can dip into fantasy quite easily, and therefore Betty and Veronica get their bare bottoms paddled--something many of the comic book's fans can appreciate!

You sound like you may have first-hand knowledge of High School discipline. Were you, perhaps, one of the young ladies in question? And even if you weren't, why do I get the feeling that you're familiar with it even to this day or should be)? :-)

Megan Lowry said...

Hello Dr. Ken:

Yup, I was on the receiving end of the paddle more than once. Two times in junior high and two times in senior high, the last one being just a month or so before we graduated. I was NOT one of the two girls involved in the knock down, drag out altercation in the parking lot, but one of the guilty parties was my future sister-in-law lol I don't have spare time today to get into a lot of detail about my own long ago experiences, but will cut & paste a little short story I wrote. Note please, it is set at Gopher Prairie High School. That is inspired by the Sinclair Lewis novel Main Street. Please feel free to play the role of literary critic - I always like feedback on what I scribble :) Megan

Megan Lowry said...

Hi Dr. Ken ...

There were too many characters in my short story to send through here, so I have emailed to the address.