Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Archie's Girls

Once again, one of my posts--"Betty and Veronica"--has been selected by Chross as one of his Spankings Of The Week. This is the third time one of my posts has been so honored, and it's still quite a thrill. So, thank you, Chross!

Also, the two drawings in that post are going to be added to Chross' archive, probably under "Spanking in Mainstream Comics".

One of the people who commented on that post mentioned a near-spanking sequence in one of the Archie books. It's one I wasn't familiar with, but then, I haven't been much of a regular reader when it comes to Archie and the gang. Since not everyone looks at the "comments" sections of blogs, I thought I'd repost it here for your enjoyment.

Here's the comment from "Anonymous":

"There is a great spanking sequence in another Archie comic. The plot is basically that Veronica has been told to be on her best behavior as a very conservative client of Mr. Lodge's is in town. In fact, Veronica has been told she'll "enter into partnership with a ping pong paddle" if anything happens to disrupt the business deal.

"Anyhow stuff happens and Veronica ends up in the newspaper in an embarrassing photo. She knows what's coming, and when Mr. Lodge hits the roof next day, she meekly tells him that she's already bought the ping pong paddle, hoping he'll go easier on her.

"At the last moment, Ronnie is saved from a sound spanking by a phone call from the client in question who is not as conservative as originally thought."

Thanks, Anonymous! It's nice to know that, rich as he is, Veronica's father still believes in those good old traditional family values.

To close, I'd like to draw your attention to the following:

This artistic rendition of Betty bending for a taste of the paddle was found in an auction on E-Bay. What makes it special is that it was drawn by one of the artists who actually worked on the Archie Comics. Clearly, he knows what the public wants!

By the way, have you ever noticed that when one girl tells another, "You've been a bad girl", it's almost always the one doing the talking who really deserves the spanking?


CJ said...

Congrats Doc on "Chross"!


Dr. Ken said...

CJ--thanks! It's always a thrill to be mentioned, and it always brings a lot of people in to look at the blog. Hopefully some of them will become regular readers!