Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Wonder....

I can't help but ask the lady this question.......

.....Does she stick her head out of the window when she goes riding in the car?


Kim said...

Only if she wants bugs in her teeth, and by the way, isn't that a lovely moon.

Hermione said...

It is a lovely moon. That's what I thought she probably stuck out the car window.

Do you think she had botox injections?

Great picture!


Radha said...

LOL, Dr.Ken!!! I'll be laughing all morning about this one!

Dr. Ken said...

Kim--I think I'll just say, "yes, it is" and leave it at that. :-)

Hermione--sticking her "moon" out the car window would almost certainly earn her a good spanking, don't you think? And are you really suggesting she has buttocks botox?

Radha--hopefully you'll chuckle a little in the afternoon, too... :-)