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Since I'm on the subject of comic books.........

Trinity has been an ambitious book put out by DC Comics. They've been publishing an issue a week for almost a year--issue 50 came out last week--and the book will conclude it's run with issue 52. Anyone who is familiar with the way comic books come out will tell you that's no mean feat. There are some comics that, for various reasons, get released a week or two later than expected (and sometimes longer).

The "Trinity" that the title refers to is DC's big three--Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The story in a nutshell takes a look at what happens when those 3 are magically removed from the world and sent....elsewhere. The story deals with what happens to our world, and what happens to our heroes in their new location. It's been an interesting read.

(On a totally unrelated note, this idea got me wondering: who are the "Big Three" for Marvel Comics? Do they even have a "Big Three" or would the number have to be larger? Or smaller?
My initial reaction is to give the "Big Three" nod to Spiderman, The X-Men, and The Fantastic Four--but those last two are actually groups as opposed to DC's 3 individuals. So who would the 3 individuals be for Marvel? I still say one of them would be Spiderman--but who after that? Captain Marvel? Captain America? Iron Man? The Hulk? Wolverine? If you're a comic book fan like I am, feel free to weigh in...)

Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are the three characters that have probably been around the longest in the DC Universe. The last issue of the "Batman" comic book was something like number 686, and "Batman Detective Comics" is at issue 853. And--unlike "Trinity"--those books are issued on a monthly basis, 12 issues a year. You do the math.

Even with that kind of longevity, I still only have one instance of Batman spanking anybody. There may be more, but I don't have a file of it. Rather like the first Superman picture I used in my previous post, it's pretty well-known, although it may be new or unfamiliar to some. Here's Batman dealing with a spoiled starlet:

Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941 and was created by William Moulton Marston, who is also known for creating the systolic blood pressure test which is a part of the modern polygraph, or "lie detector". (Now you know where Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso of Truth comes from!)She is an Amazon Princess trying to bring the message of love, peace and hope to the world of Men. She has many of the same powers as Superman--you could even say she is the female equivalent of Superman. No surprise, then, that she and the Super one actually dated for a short period of time. No, I'm pretty sure he didn't spank her. Just because Lois fell for that trick......

Again, depictions of spankings from the Wonder Woman comics are few, but here's one I came across:

It's hard to tell if this depicts an actual scene that occurs later on in the story, or if it's just a "tease" for the opening pages. Either way, you'll notice that Wonder Woman is looking out toward the reader with a wink. I don't think she's too worried about what will happen.

Also, I think it's safe to say that she's really a Switch. I find it hard to believe an Amazon Princess would be totally on the submissive side. (I do, in fact, have another drawing from the Wonder Woman comics of her spanking a young princess, but I can't really determine the girl's age from the picture and--even though it's just a comic book drawing--I'd prefer to stay away from depictions of underage spanking on this blog.)

And to wrap it up, we finish the look at the Big 3 with one more drawing of Superman hard at work dealing with a naughty female:

Gee, I love comic books.....

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