Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Word Power

I once had a lovely red-haired girl make some comment teasing me about my age. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that my response was along the lines of, "I can still turn you over my knee and give you a good spanking." She then told me, "You know, It doesn't matter how often I hear that. It still sends a shiver up my spine."

My response to that, of course, was to turn her over my knee, pull her pants down, and give her a good spanking on her bare bottom......you know, just to show her that I meant what I said, and it wasn't all just talk.

But the point I'm trying to make is that the words we use while engaged in This Thing We Do have power. They evoke a response. The word, "spanking", all by itself can send someone's blood racing, set the butterflies in the stomach to fluttering, and send that little jolt of electricity (ZZZT!) along our spine and into our brain.

Maybe it's just a word, or a phrase--hairbrush; bare-bottom spanking; over my knee; straight-backed chair. To a spanker and a spankee, it immediately puts an image into our heads, and we start to react to that image. A well-placed turn-of-phrase can set a spankee squirming in anticipation. What are some of the words or phrases that get you going or push your buttons?

Being into spanking practically my entire life, and actively spanking deserving ladies for the last 20 years or so, I thought I knew exactly what all my hot button phrases were--which words or combination of words would send that electrical charge (ZZZT!) on it's way, and which would have no effect. I'm happy to say that I was wrong.

I was watching a video from Punished Brats called, "Email Attack". In it, naughty college girl Tina Tink (real name--Tina Tinkerbelle, but she shortened it for professional reasons--okay, I'm kidding) attempts to intercept an e-mail from her college to her dad, played by David Pierson. He catches her breaking into his e-mail account, and since this is a Punished Brats video, you can imagine what happens next:

(photo courtesy of Punished Brats)

David bares her bottom, puts her over his knee, and begins to spank away, and Tina, in a pleading tone of voice says, "Please don't spank me!"


For some reason, that hit me. It never had before....and, in fact, before going over David's knee, Tina had already said, "Don't spank me! No! I'm too old to spanked!" and I'd had no particular reaction to it. So maybe it was the words plus her exact tone of voice that next time--and maybe the bare bottom helped, who knows? Whatever the case, I suddenly had a new hot button phrase--one that I hadn't really ever had a reaction to before.

It's actually rather nice to know that, even after 20-odd years of spanking experience, it's still possible to run across something new, and have something surprise me. It gives me reason to look forward to the next 20 years of spanking! (And yes, I do intend to go on spanking for at least that long--so all of you naughty ladies out there--you've been warned!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,
I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple of months. Thanks for sharing! Words, places, seeing certain objects...all have been instrumental in sending shivers up and down my spine..and giving my tummy a little flip flop!
Sometimes it is just driving by a certain place where I was told that it was time to go home to be 'dealt with'...LOL.

Radha said...

A little bit of resistance, a little bit of protest can add spice to the spanking interaction! I'm ever so glad that the Lord Krishna understands that my "no, please don't" really means "yes, yes, yes!". I can't think of any specific phrases that give me the zing, but I can tell you that walking down the Target aisle and seeing wooden spoons is enough to get me going!

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

Hermione said...

Oh yes, as an extreme word person, there are lots of words and phrases that push my buttons. Just hearing the word "spanking" is enough. But if I were to be told "You're in for a good spanking" or "I'm going to put you over my knee" my legs would turn to jelly.
My husband rarely talks about TTWD - he's a man of action - so when he does let slip a word or two, it's even more special.


Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--you're very welcome. Thanks for dropping by and reading, and I hope you keep coming back!
You're right--it's not only words that can get person going. Walking in a hardware store and passing some "pervertible"--something that wasn't designed to be a spanking implement but wound up being used on your bum anyway--is surely enough to trigger a response. The same with any place that can elicit a spanking memory. If you were walking down the frozen food aisle of the grocery store and the person you were with give your bottom a light smack and then whispered, "More of that when we get home, young lady!", you're likely to smile to yourself the next time you're in frozen foods....
Thanks for sharing! I hope you're "dealt with" as often as you like.... :-)

Radha--I am. It's finally starting to feel==and look==like it really is Spring.
And yes--that whole "putting up a fight and resisting" thing really helps with the frame of mind. I used to know a very nice girl--didn't know her for very long, unfortunately--but she insisted on a bit of a struggle first--then, usually by the time I managed to drag her near the sofa and sat down, she'd announce, "Okay, I'm going over now" and she'd go across my lap.
And a wooden spoon can give you a "zing" all its own! LOL You must be fun to go shopping with...

Hermione--Here's hoping he manages to do it more often, then! It's always more special coming from someone you love...

Anonymous said...

A "button" for me (that is simular to the one in the post) is "Please don't spank me (pause) too hard".
The first part send a small (zzzt) and then the large (ZZZT) after "too hard"

Cheryl said...

Hi, Ken!

Fun topic! For me, because Cigi and I play together most of the time, on the occasions when I have to wait because she's going first, the one phrase I love is (when the spanker looks up from spanking her and points at me) "You're next!" I usually feel like jumping over his lap at that moment.


Anonymous said...

...for a brief second I thought I may have been that redhead - but was not I! *hugs from the freckled one*

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--that phrase would probably have the same effect on me...after I got done laughing, of course!

Cheryl--You ARE next! I thought you knew that.... :-)

Anonymous--nope, Freckles, it wasn't you who said it. But now that I think about it....I'm not too old to turn you over my knee and give you a good spanking, either!