Friday, March 27, 2009

What To Do, What To Do....

Being a weatherman in Minnesota has to be the easiest job in the world. Just make a wild guess and you're going to be right about 1/3 of the time. For example:

On Tuesday the local paper, The Star Tribune, gave the following forecast for the upcoming week--rain on Tuesday, possible snow in the morning on Wednesday, light rain showers on Thursday, a rain/snow mix possible on Friday, wet snow on Saturday, flurries early on Sunday, and mostly cloudy on Monday.

The next day--Wednesday--here was the forecast for the week just one day later: early flurries on Wednesday, mostly cloudy Thursday and Friday, storm misses us to the south on Saturday, cold Sunday, mixed precipitation on Monday.

In other words, everything they told us on Tuesday has now been changed. Everything. On every day. Totally different.

Makes long-range planning a breeze, doesn't it?

With that kind of uncertainty hanging over your head, what's the best thing to do? How about checking out the latest blogs to be added to my blog roll....

The first one up should be no surprise, as I mentioned it in a previous post, "Blogging Friends"--

Brambleberry Blush is written by Carly, married 30 years already. Within the past year she came across a spanking blog and the heavens opened up for her and a majestic voice spake thusly, "This is your destiny."

Okay, maybe not. But it did start her on a voyage of exploration and discovery, aided by her husband, Ben. This is her story as she wends her way through the spanko world.

Next up--

I'm putting this one under "Picture Blogs". Veronica is the Old-Fashion Girl who gets spanked, and she very kindly and generously photographs her bottoms up trips and shares them with us. There are some lovely photo sets here, as well as some pictures that are just for fun. A willing spanker, an OTK spankee, and a camera--who could ask for more? I think you'll enjoy what you see.

And finally--I have Spank That Brat (F/f) as well as Ms. Audrey Spanks (F/m) listed here under "Commercial Sites", so it's only logical that I complete the triumverate--

This is the site that reveals Audrey Knight's softer side.....her more well-rounded side.....her oh so very spankable side. The M/f site finds Audrey in trouble and her bare bottom getting some very stingy attention. Of course, judging by the picture below--who could resist giving this lady the spanking she deserves?

Check out the free stuff--take the tour, as it were--and you just might decide to become a member. Tell her "Dr. Ken sent me" and you'll get....well....absolutely nothing, but I imagine she'd be happy to know where some of her traffic is coming from.

At the Chicago Crimson Moon spanking party this past weekend, some prizes were raffled off to those attending, and three of the prizes were a one-month free membership to one of Audrey's sites. I was really hoping to win one of those, but luck wasn't with me. Still, it was very generous of her, and on behalf of the people who attended the party, I'd like to give Audrey a great big, "Thank you." (And while I'm at it....a special "hello" to my favorite red-headed lurker!)

So, let it snow....or let it rain.....or let the wind blow....whatever the weather, you now have something to keep yourself occupied this weekend. Enjoy!


Radha said...

When I first read your post I looked outside and it was sunny AND snowing a little bit! What a strange combination. A student of mine from Nigeria said that when it is sunny and raining, you know it's going to be a good day. I wonder if sunny and snowing mean the same thing.

Did you have a good time in Chicago? Do the ladies that you spank know that you are Dr. Ken and that you have this blog?

Hope all is well for you!

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--Let's go ahead and say that's what it means. I can always use a good day! :-)
Thanks for asking. I had a great time in Chicago, and will probably put up a little post about it soon. I've used the "Dr. Ken" nickname almost forever, so the ladies I play with all know me as Dr. Ken. I'm not sure how many of them were aware that I blogged, however.
I recently signed up with FetLife ( and joined the Chicago Crimson Moon Spanking Group there and listed my blog in my profile. So I suspect more and more of them are finding out. Hopefully, they'll come here, read, and keep coming back!

OldFashionGirl said...

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours very much. Thanks for the kind words.

Dr. Ken said...

OldFashionGirl--you're welcome. Glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I enjoy your spanking pictures, obviously. Keep up the good work!

sixofthebest said...

That Audrey is mighty fine looking spankable woman. Especially when she is erotically wearing stockings, while showing us her bare voluptous bare bottom. I sure would love to spank it most painfully red.