Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Post-Oscars, pt. 1

Well, the Oscars have come and gone. I wish I had done a Pre-Oscar post listing my picks for some of the major awards--best actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress, and best picture. I think I would have done surprisingly well.

Of course, just about everybody else, including the experts, were picking exactly the same winners as I was, so I guess that actually wouldn't have been much to brag about. Heath Ledger was a lock for Best Supporting Actor. Prior to the Oscars, Kate Winslet was winning awards left and right for the two films she was in, Revolutionary Road and The Reader, and therefore also seemed a lock for the Best Actress category. Slumdog Millionaire had been generating good vibes and Oscar buzz from the moment it came out. It may not have been a 100% sure thing for Best Picture, but it seemed close enough. And if the Academy was going to go global with the Best Picture award, then it was about time they acknowledged someone like Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress.

The only one I would have missed would have been Best Actor. I just didn't think it would go to Sean Penn, although he certainly turned in a wonderful performance. I also didn't think it would go to Mickey Rourke. The nomination was a nice nod to his return to the fold, but I didn't think Hollywood would honor him with the statue. Not yet--maybe his next film. I was probably pulling for Brad Pitt to win.

As for Best Director--I have a horrible track record in trying to pick that category. I wouldn't have even tried.

Anyway--congratulations to Kate Winslet on her win for Best Actress!

What I like about Kate Winslet? She's a real woman with real curves, not some anorexic ultra-thin size 0 just for the sake of looking good on camera. She's a very realistic role model for young girls to look up to--proof positive that you don't have to binge and purge in order to be acceptable and successful--and she takes it quite seriously.

Although not too seriously. For a charity auction, Kate let her whimsical nature come forth and painted this portrait of her bottom--

I should point out that it could also be seen as a big letter "W"--for Winslet, of course--but I daresay it brought in more money by being labelled as the lower portion of her anatomy. And she probably got a bigger kick out of it.

Those of us in the spanking community very often play a simple fantasy game. It's just a simple question--if you could spank, or be spanked, by any movie or TV celebrity--who would you choose? In same cases, we expand it to naming 5 celebrities, or we make it a top ten list. So, all you spankos out there--is Kate Winslet on your list?

Let me leave you with one more photo while you ponder your answer.....


Mina said...

Dr Ken, I have to say as nice as that last pic is, I simply love her shoes!

Kate Winslet is a fantastic actress and I shall have to see The Reader, I hear it is very good.


Radha said...

Kate Winslet is so beautiful. I've always admired her choice of rolls! There was a film with her dressed in a sari. It looked much better on her than most of my aging aunties. hmmmm. Makes me wonder what it would be like to be spanked while wearing a sari, the cheaper ones are usually made with very thin material....

Loved your oscar recap, Dr. Ken! I admit that I'm a bit behind. I haven't seen any of those films.


Dr. Ken said...

Mina--her shoes?! Oh, well--you admire what YOU like, I'll admire what I like.... :-)

Radha--This would be many years ago now, and as such the memory is a little foggy--but I either spanked a lovely lady who was wearing a sari, or I had to wait while she took it off first and then spanked her. I think it might have been the latter--but either one would have been fun!
As for being behind in your film viewing--hey, that's what Netflix and Saturday afternoons are for!