Friday, January 23, 2009

Guess The Celebrity Bottom!

I have a feeling the majority of you won't have any problem in figuring this one out......but I thought I'd make you guess, anyway!


Poppy said...

I bet that I am wrong but I will give it a go. Is it Sigourney Weaver? She does not look very comfy, someone should get her a pillow and a cup of tea I think. (Brit here -if that was not obvious.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
I am both Clueless and Curious!
Can't wait for the answer.
Have a great weekend.

Dr. Ken said...

Poppy--It's a good guess, but not correct. All I can say is, if I could get her in this position, she'd need a pillow, all right--to sit upon afterward!

Andrades Girl--You may be curious, but I sincerely doubt that you are "clueless". I'll put the answer up shortly. I hope you have a fun-filled weekend!

Radha said...

I'm stumped! My guess would have been the same as Poppy's!
Come on! What's the answer, Dr. Ken?

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--y'know, a little corner time can do wonders in helping you practice's even more effective if your bottom is hot and stinging. Perhaps I should suggest this to Lord Krishna, although I don't know if he's a believer in the practice...

Bonnie said...

Dr. Ken,

My husband Randy, a expert on such things, thinks it's Jennifer Lopez. I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Dr Ken:
are you saying she needs a good spanking? Is that a hint? Cause I'm still WAITING as patiently as I can.

Dr. Ken said...

Bonnie--you could have taken a guess, anyway. :-)
Tell Randy it's a good guess, but sadly, not correct....

AG--I'm saying that, if I had the chance, I'd love to have her over my knee--which, of course, clearly is never going to happen. And maybe you need some corner time practice, too..... :-)

Anonymous said...

didn't see the post until the answer was up, but given skintone and hair color I woulda said Haley Berry, or JLO.

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--Suuuuuuuuuure you would!
LOL! Seriously, it's too bad you didn't see the post earlier. You might have been the only one to get it right!