Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Whole Lot Of Reading

Love Our Lurkers 3 is behind us, and while the actual totals aren't in, I think I can safely say it was an unqualified success. It certainly generated a lot of traffic here, and the number of comments that were left are an all-time high for me!

So first, thanks to Bonnie for organzing this event and getting a large number of the spanking community involved. Second, thanks to everyone who participated--either by hosting the event on their blogs, or by de-lurking and leaving comments!

The day brought about two very happy results. The first--and probably the most satisfying--was to see the names of some of the people who delurked. A good number of them are bloggers, as well, and in many cases I was familiar with their work. I heard from so many people whose blogs I respect and admire that it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to realize that they read my blog and were kind enough to say nice things about it. That's really something special to me, and I appreciate it a great deal.

The other happy result? I now have a whole lot of new blogs that I want to go back to and read! On My Bottom Smarts, Bonnie kept a running list of all the blogs that participated in LOL Day. As I saw the comments rolling in here, I decided that I wanted to visit each blog on the list and leave a comment. (I think I may have missed a apologies to them!) As I went to each new site, I couldn't help but look around at some of the previous posts, and the same thought kept repeating itself time after time: "I want to come back here again and dig into the archives."

After all, if I didn't do some looking around, I would never have found this image from on Dixie's blog, The Inner Workings of Dixie (
Being a big Disney fan--and knowing a few others--I had to grab the image and post it here. I never would have found it if not for LOL Day.

So now my plan is this--go back to Bonnie's list and work my way down it, one blog at a time, and when I find one that I like or that looks promising I'm going to add it to my blog roll. I've got a feeling the blog roll is going to be getting huge before this is over. :-)

In fact, thanks to LOL Day, the are three new additions to the roll, and you can find links to them on the right hand side of the screen. The first probably needs no real introduction, it's simply one of the best blogs around, and that's Todd and Suzy's American Spanking Society.
When I left a comment on their blog, I poked around for a bit and then asked myself, "Why don't I already have them linked?" I couldn't answer that, so it only makes sense to finally add thm to the roll.

Other additions are Jai's Confessions of a College Spanko and SpankingBarbie's Blogs of a Mid Life Crisis. Please go visit all of them and leave them a nice note or comment. Tell 'em Dr. Ken sent you.

Now--where'd I put my reading glasses??


Little Princess dani said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

Love the pic of the naughty fairie. I can certainly relate to it....:)

I think you're a nice man, and I always enjoy reading your comments on Pixie's blog.

I just like to be kind to others.

Take care,

spankingbarbie said...

Wow! Thanks so much for adding my blog! I have been devouring your archives as well! It's so fun to find new blogs to read....kind of like browsing through the library and finding an amazing author. Participating in LOL was AWESOME. By the way...i used to live in MN. Went to college there....I won't tell you which school because you will laugh!


Dr. Ken said...

little princess dani--I really like the picture, too--although, with the recent release of the "Tinkerbell" DVD, I'm not sure it's the sort of publicity Disney would approve of... :-)
Thanks for the kind words. I like to think that I'm a pretty good and decent guy--even when I'm about to put a deserving lady over my knee and give her an ouchy bottom....

SpankingBarbie--Hennepin County Community College? University of Minnesota Agricultural College (or, as it's often called, Moo U?)
I'm happy to link you, and thank you for linking me up, too. I hope you enjoy your browsing here. As I recently told someone, "Some of it's good, some of it isn't, all of it is meant to be fun" and I have fun doing it.

Serpent's Embrace said...

Dr. Ken,

I have a whole lot of reading to do too! Happy reading! I hope you find all kinds of fun and juicy concepts. With the reading list in store for you, I think it is a safe bet that you will. Oh, I accidentally picked up your reading classes when I visited for LOL day. Here you go. I am sorry!


Serpent's Embrace said...

Oops, glass.

Serpent's Embrace said...

Grrr, I am not liking my typing. "Glasses" I think my computer is infested with typo demons let loose on me by that naughty fairie!

spankingbarbie said...


Spanking Barbie

Dr. Ken said...

Marcus--LOl! No problem. Actually, with all the blog reading I have in front of me, reading classes maybe aren't a bad idea. The Evelyn Wood speedreading course comes to mind.... :-)

SpankingBarbie--Bethel? Oh, my...and look at you now... :-)

K said...

I don't think I'll be sharing it with the little fan here, but that's a cute picture of Tink. I'm finally getting around to visiting the blogs of my LOL day commenters. Thanks for being one of them.