Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Calling the current stretch of weather which seems to be gripping a good part of the nation "frightful" might be a bit of a stretch. When I think of "frightful" weather, I tend to visualize blizzard conditions--strong winds and blowing and drifting snow. The current weather is mostly just cold.

Mind-numbing, bone-chilling frikkin' COLD!

This seems like a good time to stay at home for some fun indoor activites......., reading some new blogs!

I had mentioned that my blog list was going to expand as I explored many of the blogs that participated in "Love Our Lurkers" day which was organized by Bonnie over on My Bottom Smarts. I'm adding 7 blogs to my list--yes, 7!--which should keep you indoors and warm and by your computer with a cup of hot cocoa for a pleasant day of reading.

Interestingly enough, the first blog I'm adding did NOT come off of Bonnie's list--rather, it came from the "comments" section" of Radha Sutra (another fine blog which you should all be reading). It's a relatively new blog called Life By Jade in which Jade Girl talks about her DD relationship. I'm looking forward to reading more of this one.

All of the other blogs came off of Bonnie's list. Some were completely new to me, a few were blogs that I had glanced at before but never went back to for some reason. All of them have something to offer, and I hope you'll take the time to drop by and give them a look. As always, leave them a comment or just say, "hi"--some feedback is always appreciated.

Tell them "Dr. Ken sent me."

Here are the rest of the blogs. The links to them can be found in my blog list on the right-hand side of the screen--

Wilhelmina Dreams


A Day In The Life

Robin's Red Bottom

The Switching Hour

Random Mussings


spankingbarbie said...

I remember those cold MN days. Here in Denver we have had a divine Fall! It is absolutely spring like and I was out Christmas shopping yesterday in jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops! Hope you are having an awesome weekend doll!


Hermione said...

Funny, it's not so bad waaaaaay up here in Canada. We've had the odd flake or two, and it's a little nippy, but when the sun's shining it's not too bad. I walked outside for a couple of hours today.

But then, I'm a hardy Canuck!


grace said...

Hello Dr Ken!

I've been sick all weekend and today was spent in bed. Part of the time was spent watching movies and part of the time was spent reading your archives.

You have some nice posts, I had a nice time reading them.

What a nice surprise to see that you've added my blog to your list. Thanks so much!

I'll be back more often! Heck, I might even sneak in a comment or two.


Michael said...

Thanks for the tips, Dr. Ken, I have seen most of the blogs but will now give them a closer look. I hope you don't have a White Thanksgiving, only a Black Friday.


Dr. Ken said...

SpankingBarbie--I'm totally envious of your weather. Today was all gray and cloudy with blustery winds. Still no snow where I am, but with conditions like these, can it be far behind?

Hermione--oh, you crazy Canucklehead.....:-) We Minnesotans are a fairly hardy breed, as well, but I prefer to stay indoors when it's like this....preferably with a good blog, like yours!

Grace--sneak away...and I hope you're feeling better soon! And I was happy to add a link to your blog!

Michael--I think we're safe from a White Thanksgiving. The last forecast I heard was snow-free. As for Friday--I'm not venturing near any stores that day!

Mina said...

Dr Ken, thanks so much for mentioning my blog, very kind of you. As to the weather, I am glad I live in Australia at least at the moment. Not so good with cold weather.


Mina said...

Oops and I forgot to mention that I have linked back to your blog as well. I actually thought I had linked through on LOL day but must have missed it.