Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day, we are privileged to open our eyes to the miracle of sunlight, of air and ground.... To feel the wind and hear the leaves move in appreciation.

Today and every day, I wish you the comfort of home and family.

Today and every day, I wish you friends for play and for laughter.

Today and every day, I wish you happiness and peace and love.

If you already have all these things, give thanks and wrap your arms around them.

If you don't have all these things, give thanks for the things you do have.....and I wish that this is the year you find the parts that you feel are missing.

Breathe in this day deeply, and count each breath as a blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Little Princess dani said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

See, I told you that you were a nice man!

Thanks for these beautiful comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Season said...

This is so heartwarming. Thank you for the nice wishes, Dr. Ken, and I hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving, too. :-)

Cigi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ken!
Yes, I have all ready counted my blessings and your friendship is one of them...hope you don't mind if I wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug!


Dr. Ken said...

Little Princess dani--I've always said, you can take a lady, turn her over your knee, paddle her bottom 'til it glows in the dark, and still be a nice guy... :-)
Thanks for the kind words, and have a Happy Holiday!

Season--Heartwarming, bottom-warming...I'm very versatile! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Cigi--Of course I don't mind. I'll take all the hugs I can get!
I hope you and Cheryl are enjoying the holiday!

CJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Ken!

May your holiday season be wonderful and warm.


spankingbarbie said...

I hope you had an amazing day.....