Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Campaign Promise To Deserving Ladies

I'm Dr. Ken, and I approved this message.


Season said...

What's your campaign slogan for us good girls? :-)

Anonymous said...

Season, Dr. Ken's campaign promise for good girls......

"I give light spankings and LOTS of aftercare!"

Michael said...

Dr. Ken, you got my vote. BTW Need a campaign manager?

Cheryl said...

Ken, I would add "24/7" to that, but that's just me!
Hope you count me among the deserving :-)


PS: Thanks for the compliment on my pic.

Melis said...

That is hardly a promise, it is a declaration. A promise would be if you said "I will spank you."

Dr. Ken said...

Season--oddly enough, it's exactly the same!

Pest--well, you're half right.

Michael--You're hired! Think you can get out there and "drum up" some support?

Cheryl--24/7? A candidate has to sleep sometime! But it's not a bad idea. Maybe you can co-chair the campaign with Michael!

Melis--Okay I will spank you. :-)
Actually, as I say in the follow-up, it's a 'message'. And one I'm only too happy to deliver!

Dr. Ken said...

Melis--btw, is that a new picture? Very nice!

Dave said...

There he goes again, palling around with spankos, but, I ask you, fellow Americans, how much do we really know about Dr. Ken ?