Monday, October 20, 2008

It's All About Pixie

This post will be short and sweet--rather like a certain young pixie we all know and love....

(Actually, I don't know how short she is....but she is sweet!)

First, in case you didn't know, the spanking clip that Amber Pixie Wells agreed to for her "Cause For Paws" fundraiser is up on her site--all 400 spanks worth. If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should check it out.

But the really big news--and the real reason you should drop by that everyone's favorite spankee got married over the weekend! She and her boyfriend have tied the knot, and I could not be happier for the lovely couple. I've never met Pixie--our contact has been limited to comments in posts and a few e-mails--but she is a very genuine, friendly, warm and sweet person. Congratulations to the happy couple, and may their life together always have that certain pixie magic!

I'm not posting any pictures here--this is Pixie's day and time, after all--but if you'd like to see a photo or two of the beautiful bride in her gown, go on over to the Spanking Pixie site (a link is to the right) and add a congratulatory note of your own!

(Sigh) I'm just a romantic at heart......ain't love grand?


Dave said...

I am so happy for Pixie. What a sweetheart.

Her kindness and generosity of spirit shines through in her blog.



Dr. Ken said...

Dave--I agree. It couldn't happen to a nicer lady, and I wish her and the new hubby all the happiness in the world!