Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Radio Spanko

A couple of posts back I told you about The Cooper Lawrence Show, a radio show I listen to while I'm at work. Naturally, there's a show on air before Cooper's show, and I listen to that one, as well. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Fm 107.1 here in Minnesota is host to the Lori and Julia Show. Lori and Julia are two local radio personalities. They're good friends and sisters-in-law, as well.
And I think one of them may just be a little bit of a spanko.

The seed was planted some time ago--far enough in the past that I don't even remember when it was, or exactly what was being talked about. Lori was telling a story on herself about some mischief she'd gotten into. I was only half-listening, so I don't know the exact context of what she'd been up to or the trouble she got herself into with her husband, but my ears perked up when Lori mentioned her husband and added that she "let" him punish her, and that he seemed to enjoy it.

Now, she never specified what form the "punishment" took, but you know exactly where my mind went. I filed the notion away in my memory--just a little something to keep in mind.

I was listening to the show last week, and the topic of the misprinted "Duck Stamp" came up. Perhaps you've heard about this gaffe. Duck stamps are required in the United States to hunt migratory waterfowl, or ducks in layman's terms. They can be ordered over the phone. EXCEPT--the carrier card for the duck stamps had two digits transposed, effectively changing the number from 1-800-STAMP24 to 1-800-TRAMP24. In total, about 3.5 million cards were printed with the wrong number. And the wrong number connected all callers to a phone sex service.

Because of the number of cards involved, it was decided that it would cost too much to reprint the stamps, and so they're just going to go ahead and use the stamps as printed while making people aware of the phone number mistake.

Lori and Julia were talking about this on their show. Julia asked Donny (their technical producer, I think) if he had ever called such a number. He said no. Julia then said that the girls at these numbers must work from scripts, like, "Redhead" or "Blonde with big boobs."

At which point Lori chimed in, pretending to be one of the operators, and with a breathy voice she intoned, "'I'm a bad, bad girl'--and then I'd like some spanking sounds." While the others laughed, she continued in the background, "Whack! 'Oh, yes. Again'. Whack"

That was the extent of it, but now I'm really starting to wonder about that lady. And I'll certainly be listening for any other possible references!


Michael said...

Very good detective skills, Dr. Ken, and it does seem Lori may like to have her bottom whacked. Please keep us informed of any further developments. Also, would have been great if that stamp was misprinted as 1-800-SPANK24. Same number of letters so it could have happened. I like that, SPANK24. Could be 24 smacks or spankings available 24 hours a day. Either way that's a winner.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken, it sure does sound like Lori is a closet spanko or maybe just getting into the scene. Thanks for sharing and I am sure your sharp mind (for an old doc) will pick up on some more of those sayings! LOL!

Dr. Ken said...

Michael, Pest--I don't think Lori is a BIG spanko, but it would seem like she has at least a tiny--maybe a beginners--interest in it. She keeps slipping the word into her conversation. A couple of days ago, they had a fashion expert on, and during a discussion of trendy accesories, Lori volunteered, "A little whip worn at the side?"
Later, discussing a print ad for the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives (the photo is a shot of the Housewives from the back, and each of them is holding an item behind her back--Marcia Cross is carrying a whip) she asked if Marcia was still spanking that dentist husband of hers.
Today, talking about an upcoming guest on the OPRAH show, they said that you have to tell the truth when you're on OPRAH, and Lori added, "Oprah will spank you hard!"

So, yeah--there's a little spanko there trying to get out!