Friday, July 11, 2008

Cinema Swats

So--what was the defining moment for you?

When did you realize that there was something about spanking that held a certain appeal to you? What finally brought it to your attention? What made you sit up and say, "Hel-lo, there's something about this.....?"

For a lot of us--myself included--it was a spanking scene in a movie, either in the theater or broadcast on TV, or a scene in a television show. The mainstream media sent the image into our brain, and all the synapses (not to mention hormones) started firing.

It's not easy to find those scenes these days. Even with all the cable channels available, you can scan the TV guides a long time before finding a station running running a movie with one of your favorite spanking scenes in it. And finding one of the old TV shows? Nearly impossible.

Over the years there have been a few attempts to gather all those mainstream scenes together. Some of the compilations have been excellent. Others, while well-meaning, have been of questionable quality. My favorite by far has been a series called Cinema Swats.

Cinema Swats was put together by a gentleman named Dan Rivera many years ago. He took great pains to gather spanking scenes from movies and from TV--not just from America but from other countries as well. I've been told he insisted on quality. He sometimes did not include scenes because the only copy he had of it was not up to his standards.

All told, he put together a compilation of 6 VHS tapes filled with some familiar scenes and many that the average viewer would probably be seeing for the first time. Each tape contained 40 or more scenes from a variety of sources. Dan sold them for a while and then, for reasons best known only to him, he stopped.

Enter William Sova.

Bill is a spanking fan and a movie buff. I'd go so far as to say that if there's something about a spanking scene that Bill doesn't know, it's probably not worth knowing. Bill wrote a very nice article in one of the old Shadow Lane Stand Corrected magazines about spanking in mainstream movies. And he has now taken over selling those Cinema Swats compilations.

I have added a new category to the right side of the blog page--Commercial Sites--and I've listed the Cinema Swats link there. The website has a list of all the scenes on all 6 compilations, along with ordering information. You can get them in VHS or on DVD. (I have all 6 tapes, but I think I definitely want to get all of the DVDs as well. Two down, 4 more to buy.)

If you have a soft spot in your heart for these old scenes, or are anxious to discover some new ones, I would suggest you check out the Cinema Swats website and consider ordering a DVD or two....or three....It's well worth it!


CJ said...

It was actually John Wayne for me specifically McClintock,but Quiet Man and Donagans Reef were also favorites.

Thanks for sharing Dr. Ken


Michael said...

Excellent post and thanks for the information concerning Cinema Swats, Dr. Ken. Hard to say if there was ever a specific defining moment, for sure those John Wayne movies 'McLintock!' and 'Donovan's Reef,' I bet the Duke was a spanko off screen, but I think my first stirrings were when I saw Lucille Ball spanked by Desi Arnaz in reruns of 'I Love Lucy.' There were two separate episodes where Ricky spanked Lucy over his upraised knee. Still vividly remember those scenes. Thanks Dr. Ken for bringing back such fond memories. :)


Cheryl said...


Thanks for mentioning the Cinema Swats collection. Cigi and I have all of them on DVD except #3 and #4. Hopefully, Bill will be at the CM party and will be selling the DVD's at the Vendor Fair.
I'm hard pressed to pinpoint the first spanking scene that caught my attention. I can tell you about the first one I remember. It was on the old "Lancer" TV show. It was the episode where Wayne Maunder spanked Stephanie Powers. Didn't it seem like Steph was always getting spanked? LOL
The funny thing is that I watched all of these shows where there were spankings and my parents never questioned why. A movie or TV show where a man spanks a woman was seen as wholesome family entertainment in those days, I guess.
Hope to see you in about three weeks, Ken.

Radha said...

I think for me it was the movie "Gone with the Wind". And although there is no actual spanking scene in the movie, there are several threats about a spanking with a buggy whip. I thought the spanking threat was a great way to deal with a fiesty, haughty woman, and yearned to feel this from a man. Or maybe it was just that Clark Gable was so magnificent!

Dr. Ken said...

CJ--I think John Wayne was "it" for a LOT of people!

Michael--Ricky spanked Lucy an awful lot on that show....thankfully! :-) I can recall at least 3 scenes. And I'm pretty sure at least one (maybe more) are on the Cinema Swats series.

CHERYL--Last I heard, Bill will be at the July CM party and he will be setting up a table for the vendors fair. I want to get at least CS 3 and 4, and I just might splurge and get 5 and 6 as well!
See you in a couple of weeks!

Radha--I think it was both--the threats and the fact that Clark Gable was magnificent! :-) Remember the scene where he picks Scarlet up and carries her up the staircase? Granted, he wasn't taking her upstairs to spank her (although he should have) but it was still a very dominant move!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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