Friday, June 6, 2008


At some point late in the day on Wednesday, June 4th, I got my 30,000th visitor. Yay!!!

I thank you all for stopping by and checking out my blog. I hope you all found something to like here, and that you keep coming back!

I've continued to update the "Roll Call"--a list of all the countries I've had visitors from. I started keeping track after I got hits from 28 countries in one day. I made a list of them in a post called, "A Little Housekeeping". "Roll Call" is a continuation of that list. So far there have been visitors from 75 countries around the world--76 if you count, "Unknown".

So, to celebrate I'm going to post two more pics related to my last post where I talked about the spankworthy ladies of the TV show Friends. The first is actually a larger version of the Courteney Cox photo I posted yesterday. That one was so tiny, but (at the time) was the best I could find. This one is much larger and you won't suffer eye strain trying to see it. And the second picture is of Jennifer Aniston because--well, because I like Jennifer Aniston and her bottom looks incredible in the photo and oh, so spankable! Makes my palm itch just looking at it.....

So, thanks to everybody....and enjoy!


Michael said...

Doc, congrats on your 30,000 hit. That sounds like a busy night at a Crimson Moon party for you. I just checked and I was 30,645 so you're well on your way to 50,000. Very good! Thanks for the Friends pics, you can never have enough of those.


Dave said...

congratz Doc K!

blog on,

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--Thank you. I agree-you can never have enough pictures of Jennifer Aniston and her cute little tush.
30,645? Excellent! Which blog is that--Alternative-Read? Or one I don't know about?

Dave--thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 30,000 plus visitors since starting your blog.

Greenwoman said...

Congrats!! You defnitely deserve the traffic. *smiles*

Hermione said...

Congrats on all the spanks to your blog! I'll add one more, even though you're a Top!


CJ said...

Congratulations Dr. Ken!

Wow 30,000 hits that is wonderful and heres to 30,000 more!!


CJ said...

Dr. Ken I was just looking at your profile I am a virgo also.

Very cool!


Season said...

Happy 30,000! That's 3 hits for every lake in Minnesota. :) Or is that three spanks by the shore of every lake? Quack quack quack. . .

Dr. Ken said...

Pest--thank you. It's always nice to get visitors, no matter how long they stay...

Greenwoman--I'm glad you think so! Sometimes I wonder--I mean, even though I wrote them, I can certainly tell some posts are better than others, and it's those "others" that make me wonder if blogging was such a good idea for me. Then I realize I'm receiving at least 300+ visitors a day, as well as getting nice comments like yours, and I say to myself, "Yeah...definitely worth it."

Hermione--any Top that can't take a blog spank isn't worthy of the title.....Thanks!
Of course, I'm more than happy to return the favor.... :-)

CJ--Another Virgo? Very cool, indeed!

Season--maybe I should give female-only guided tours?