Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Daisy Dukes Report

I suspect a lot of you know about The Cherry Red Report. It's one of my favorite blogs, fun to read and and with some great pictures, too. The driving force behind the blog is Dave, who is a Boston Red Sox fan--but hey, we all have our flaws. (I figured I'd get that joke out of the way now, because the Minnesota Twins and the Red Sox are in the middle of playing a 4-game series against each other, and currently each team has won 1 game. I'm hoping each team wins two games, so that neither of us wind up with bragging rights.)

If you don't read The Cherry Red Report regularly, then you may not be aware that Dave has another site--The Daisy Dukes Report. As the name implies, it's dedicated to great photos of women wearing those extremely short and form-fitting cut-off jeans made ever so popular by Catherine Bach on the TV show, The Dukes of Hazard--sort of like what this lady is wearing:

Or in this lady's case, sort of like what she's not quite wearing:

But it's not just limited to ladies wearing denim shorts. Any good, skin-tight pair of short-shorts will do:

(all photos courtesy of The Daisy Dukes Report)

It's definitely a feast for the eyes. And if you happen to like looking at women wearing clothing like this--and wearing it well--then I strongly suggest you make The Daisy Dukes Report a regular on-line stop. For your convenience, I have links to both of Dave's sites over to the right of the screen.


Michael said...

YOWZAH!!! Great pics, Dr. Ken and Dave! Yes, I agree with you, Dr. Ken, that Dave's 'The Cherry Red Report' and 'The Daisy Dukes Report' are first-rate sites and should be made a part of your daily routine.

Also, Dr. Ken, if the Sox and Twins split then you don't need to worry about Gwen either tormenting you if the Sox win the series, or sulking if the Twins win the series. :)


Anonymous said...

Why is it that I am not surprised guys who aren't even spankos will like these pics anyway? Could it be that they don't cover their butts?! Great pics, Dr. Ken.

Dave said...

Wow thx for the great plug :-) I rarely get any comments at all on the dukes blog, it's tough to keep motivated to keep it going.... it's nice to get mentioned on your fine blog, Dr. Ken. Thank you.

Twins looked good tonite. Roughed up the Sox again. Celtics got hammered once again too. Woe is me.

Best to you,
Dave :-)

Anonymous said...

Good post, Doc, and just slightly beside the point, congrats on scoring 500 hits in one day here - may your counter only keep climbing. Keep it up! Um ... the good work, I mean. *G*


Dr. Ken said...

Michael--give all the credit to Dave and The Daisy Dukes Report. He found the pics, I just reposted them.
And it's too late--I already tormented Gwen. :-)

Pest--You're right, you don't need to be a spanko to appreciate photos like these.

Dave--On Monday, this post generated 500 hits, which is the most I've ever had in one day. Hopefully they'll all go to the Dukes site from here and put it on their Favorites list!

Dev--thanks! I hope they all keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

It's May. The ice should be off Lake Minnetonka by now, and the bright sunshine ought to have brought those fine, long-leggedy Scandahoovian young women out in droves to stroll about Uptown, Dinkytown, Lake Calhoun, and especially both banks of the Mississipi where the U of M coeds show off their shortest short shorts. Love this time of year in Minnesota. Just remember to keep your powder dry, Doc, and your camera on wide angle. *G*