Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Party's Over, pt. 2

(Just a note: As I'm sure you noticed, I'm very deliberately not mentioning the names of the ladies I played with at the party. Granted, if I were to say, "I spanked Salma and then spanked Penelope", the vast majority of you would say, "Who?" The first name or the initial would mean nothing to you. However, there are those who would know to whom I am referring, and I feel that who I play with at Crimson Moon or elsewhere is between me and the spankee and nobody else. Not using names does make for some clunky sentences, but I prefer to err on the side of discretion. The only exceptions I make are Cigi and Cheryl, because they've already written up a party report on their blogs and both were kind enough to mention me.)

Saturday arrived all too quickly. I never sleep well in strange hotels and in a bed that's not my own. Consequently, I was still in a bit of a "waking up daze" when I went down to the lobby for the free breakfast buffet. I sat with a few people, not really saying much. I just wanted to eat and try to become slightly more alert! Normally I don't drink coffee, but I had a couple of cups that morning in hopes that it would cut through the fog. I also thought the warm liquid might help quiet my cough (the cold--or whatever this is--had actually started two days before the party). It took a couple of hours, but I started to feel like my normal self.

There is usually nothing scheduled during the day. Sometimes, there may be a vendor's fair, or something else going on, but for the most part, you're left to your own devices. Play, socialize, take a nap--it's all up to you. I spent most of my time just hanging out. I talked to whoever was around, and then I'd go to my room for a while and read or relax. I always bring a couple of books with me. I read in the airport, on the plane, and during quiet moments of the day. I also have a book of Sudoku puzzles for a change of pace. (And here you thought a party was all spanking, all the time!)

I was down in the lobby checking my e-mail on one of the hotel's computers when Favorite Lady #2 (FL#2) showed up. I knew she wasn't going to attend the party, but she had said she was going to drop by to see a few people, myself included. I was happy to see her, as always. We talked for a little bit about this and that. In retrospect, I think the majority of my contribution to the conversation was the word, "Good". It started with her telling me she had been spanked the day before.

"Good", I told her.

"But I got spanked hard," she said.


"Yeah, but he spanked really hard!"


At this point, I think she realized she wasn't going to get much in the way of sympathy.

Naturally, what I really wanted to do was bend her over, smack her backside, and say, "You mean you got spanked like THIS?" But, of course, I didn't. Not in the middle of the hotel lobby with vanilla hotel guests around. Not if you want the hotel to welcome your group back for future events. Discretion is the better part of....well.....something.

She then had to go meet some other people, so we hugged and off she went, and I went back to my e-mail. A quick check of the hospitality suite showed no else about, so I went up to my room for a bit.

I ran into her again in the lobby later in the afternoon, and learned that a number of people were going to a nearby restaurant for dinner, and she asked me if I wanted to join them. Of course, I said, "Sure.". Favorite Lady #2 then called upstairs to Favorite Lady #1 and extended the same invitation, which was also accepted. So about ten of us trooped off to a nearby restaurant. It was good food and good company. I really enjoyed just getting the chance to sit and talk with the two people I enjoy playing with the most. Because I live in Minnesota, it's something that doesn't happen nearly often enough, so it always feels special to me when we get the chance. Good food and good conversation with two terrific ladies--who could ask for more?

We eventually made our way back to the hotel, and I said my goodbyes to Favorite Lady #2. There was still about an hour to go before the start of the party that evening, so I went to my room to kill some time and do some reading. You know, reading after eating a filling meal is pretty relaxing. Yep, pretty darn relaxing. Almost sleep inducing. Coma-like, even.

Or, to put it another way.......sleepy time bye-bye.

Let's face it--I didn't just kill time, I ran it through the woodchipper!

At some point, I suddenly came to, looked at my watch, and realized the party had started about 50 minutes ago! I freshened up quickly, changed into my party clothes, slapped on my name tag, and headed downstairs.

I entered the room just as the fun and games were getting under way. Most of the tables were full, but there was one table near the front that was empty save for a few implements--a thin paddle, a medium weight paddle, a thicker paddle, and a hairbrush.. I pulled up a chair and sat down there.

The evening commenced with some ice-breaker games. The first was a spirited round of musical chairs. 6 spankees--Cheryl and Cigi among them--and 5 chairs. Whoever was eliminated each round had to pick one of the implements on the table--one of the paddles or the hairbrush--and pick someone to give them a predetermined number of swats with that implement. I must say, for adults playing what is essentially a children's party game, I saw an impressive number of body blocks being thrown as people scrambled for the chairs once the music stopped!

As the game went on, each person eliminated came over to the table, picked their implement and their spanker, and then leaned on or bent over the table to take their swats. By arriving as late as I had, I actually wound up with the best seat in the house! Watching all the facial expressions, seeing how each person prepared themselves for what was to come, how they focused, how they controlled their breathing--I know most people would choose to stare at their butts, but watching their faces was a treat.

When Cheryl was eliminated, she choose to get 5 whacks with the hairbrush, and she picked me to deliver them. I felt honored--not so honored that I took it easy on her, but honored nonetheless. I gave her 5 fairly decent pops with the brush, we hugged and sat down and the game continued. Cigi turned out to be the musical chairs champ, and for her prize, she got--swatted with ALL the implements. I think Cigi is still trying to figure out how that constituted "winning".

There was another game in which male bottoms were put through a gauntlet, then a game where a blindfolded top administered a few spanks to three volunteers from the audience and had to guess who the spankees were. The final game was a dice game. One die had all sorts of implements listed--hand, paddle, strap, etc. The second die had numbers from 5 to 30. Anyone who wanted to could roll the dice. Whatever implement they rolled--that's what they got spanked with. Whatever number they rolled--that's the number of swats they received. The rules were actually not enforced to the letter on this one, and people were allowed to substitute one implement for another, or go for lower number. So, for example, if they had an unlucky roll, nobody was going to have to take 30 with the cane. Both Cigi and Cheryl did wind up getting 15 strokes of the cane--but it was pretty much at their request. It took Cigi several attempts to earn hers. The die kept coming up "hairbrush" when she rolled it. I think she rolled "hairbrush" about 4 straight times! Our host, who was running the games, took the die and rolled it for her--and it came up, "hairbrush"! I'm not sure what she'd done to piss off the Spanking Gods, but they seemed determined to her a hairbrush spanking! Finally, I think she just rolled the die, ignored the roll, and just said, "Cane!" The twins do like the cane. They'll be the first to tell you that.

The games over, it was back to mingling, talking, and spanking. The new lady that I had talked to on Friday asked me if I wanted to play, and of course, I did. (See? It pays to socialize!) We went to my room. I had put the toys away earlier in the day, and just spanked by hand the rest of the night--which is fine by me! The new lady was a lot of fun to play with, and I hope she comes back to future parties and we get the chance to do it again. I gave her a variety of light to medium spanks, and finished up with one hard swat--which became 2, then 3, then 4 on her request!

Back downstairs we went. As you can tell, a lot of the party is spent in travel time--to the room, back to the hospitality suite, back to the room, back to the suite.....You can play in the hospitality suite, and a lot of people do, but that trip up to someone's room can really help build up a sense of anticipation.

If you read Devlin O'Neill's Weblog, you know that I frequently comment on the various posts. So do Cigi and Cheryl, the Brat Twins. I think Devlin was happy to learn the Cigi and I knew each other, happier still when he found out I knew Cheryl as well, and happiest of all when he found out they were twins and that we were all going to be at the Crimson Moon party in a few weeks. From the first day of the party, the three of us kept saying, "We have to make sure that we get together and play this weekend. Devlin is counting on us!" So shortly after I had returned to the hospitality suite, Cigi asked if I wanted to play, I said "yes", we got up to go and Cheryl came with us. No, I didn't spank them both at the same time (although I think Cheryl had suggested that on Devlin's blog), but they did get spanked one right after the other.

Cheryl went first. Remember, both had gotten 15 strokes of the cane not too long before this, so I definitely was taking it easy on them. Some light swats, and then some gentle bottom rubbing...and repeat. Cheryl's bottom still showed traces of the cane, but faintly. She was recovering nicely, so I felt okay about giving her a few "stingers"--but not many. Cigi went next, and the cane marks on her bottom were still pretty pronounced--not horribly so, but she wasn't recovering as fast as her sister, so I kept the spanks light and the rubbing to a maximum. All the while this was going on, of course, we were carrying on a three-way conversation about--oh--just about everything. The twins are fun to talk to, fun to play with, and I always enjoy seeing them at the parties--even if we don't always manage to get together and play.

And it was back to the hospitality room after that. Shortly after walking in, I caught one young lady with some candy--which she is not supposed to have. I turned her over my knee right there in the hospitality room and smacked her bottom until she learned her lesson--which, in all honesty, lasted until the next Top came into the room and she could again get "caught".

The party was starting to wind down by this point. Plenty of people were leaving the suite, and very few were coming back. The numbers dwindled down to a mere handful of people. FL #1 was there, and asked me if I would give her a final spanking before she turned in. This has almost become a ritual with us--the last spanking on the last day of the party. It's the perfect way to wind things up, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather share those last moments with.

We went up to my room. In an e-mail a few days before the party, I had practically promised her a spanking with the hairbrush, but we both decided to leave that for some other time. I don't think I spank as hard as I used to, but I can still do pretty good just using my hand. So she got a pretty solid hand-spanking that was just the right capper to the evening.

I rubbed her bottom for a little bit, then pulled her panties up and helped her up off my lap. We hugged, like we normally do after playing. I went to give her a peck on the cheek--and she, not expecting it, chose that moment to turn her head. Instead of a little kiss on the cheek, we were suddenly nose-to-nose! We both realized the situation at the same time. I pulled back a little bit, and she continued to turn her head, presenting me with her right cheek. I gave her a little kiss, we hugged again, and laughed about the near-miss. Not that I would have anything against kissing this girl--in fact, I think I can safely say it would be downright pleasant--but in spite of how much we enjoy playing together and sharing each other's company, I don't know that she would feel the same way about it. As always, it's best to try and be respectful and be a gentleman.

I walked her to her hotel room--she was only about 5 doors down--and we said goodnight. I was up early the next morning, packed, and went down to the lobby. I said goodbye to the few party-goers that were down there for breakfast, then I checked out, caught a cab, and headed for the airport.

And that was the party.

It was, as always, a lot of fun, and a lot of good memories. If you were paying attention, though, you know that there a few people I missed! You remember the Purple Angel, the lady I didn't get to play with at the previous party in October? Now it's two parties where we missed connections. And the lady that I'd been trying to play with for about a year? Still waiting.

But I'll be going back to Chicago for their party in July......


Pest said...

Dr. Ken, I am so glad that you had a VERY good time with all the ones you played with and it is good to be discreet with the ladies' names especially if they have vanilla relationships. It is always good to be discreet and not "air the laundry" sort to speak. Whereas Cigi and Cheryl there are those exceptions which I am sure they wouldn't mind having their names on the blogs! LOL! It sounds like you all had fun! Just because they are twins doesn't mean they recover the same way! LOL! I hope you get to play with "The Purple Lady" and the other woman you have been trying to play with for over a year now.

Purple Angel said...

So sorry you have been ill Dr. Ken. While I enjoyed seeing you at the party and getting a big hug, I still have not had the honor of being spanked by you.
Hmm maybe in July. I enjoyed your blog very much. May I link it on mine?
Purple Angel

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Great report Dr. Ken!

Michael said...

Bravo, Dr. Ken! Sounds like the party was a big hit. Thanks for your report. Hope you're feeling better.


Dr. Ken said...

PEST--thanks. I'm sure I'll catch up to those ladies someday!

PURPLE ANGEL--I don't know about it being an "honor", but I certainly hope it'll be fun. We'll try again in July. And yes, I'd be honored (that word again!) if you added a link to me on your blog. As I'm sure you saw, I've already added on to you.

KARL--thanks! glad you enjoyed it. It gives you a little idea of what the parties are like--or, at least, the way I choose to spend time at parties! LOL

MICHAEL-- Nothing like a successful party to temporarily raise the spirits. And I do seem to finally be on the road to recovery. I hate colds that linger for weeks....

Cigi said...

Thank you so much for your great blog about the party. It was fun, wasn't it? I'm glad you're finally feeling better. And thank you for your kind words about Cheryl and I.

Purple Angel,
It IS an honor to be spanked by will adore it. Just don't do anything to earn that wretched hairbrush. :-) '
Just a little