Monday, April 28, 2008

I Love Sarah Gregory!

Okay, "I love Sarah Gregory" is very much an overstatement--and by a ridiculous margin, too. I've never met the girl, nor am I likely to. The only place I've ever "seen" her is in the videos that she's done for Punished Brats. And there's about a 30-year (maybe more like 30-plus) age difference between us. (Now, if it was only 20-something years--look out!) But the point is, "love" is far too strong a term.

Maybe we could call it a "severe case of like"? Naw, that's probably not right, either. Let's stick to the one statement that I know is absolutely, positively accurate.

I'm a fan. Pure and simple. That's really all it amounts to.

Punished Brats has long been a favorite site of mine. I've enjoyed their approach to spanking videos, and have always found them well-acted, well-photographed, well-lit--all the things you want from a video production. Like the majority of people, I immediately became a fan of Amber Pixie Wells, who is the face of and one of the driving forces behind Punished Brats. Other ladies soon joined that list of favorites--Beverly Bacci and Juliet Valentina, to name two--and then along came Sarah Gregory in a video called "Unexcused Absences". You might guess from the title that she played a schoolgirl who got spanked, and you'd be right. I put her on my "favorites" list after viewing her first video, and she's been clawing her way to the top of that list ever since.

It's an over-used phrase, but Sarah Gregory strikes me as that "girl-next-door"--check out some of the photos of Chloe Elise and her at Disney on the blog Chloe Elise's Spanking Adventures (there's a link on the right under "More blogs I read"). I direct your attention to the photo of Sarah in the Mickey Mouse ears. This is about as cute and wholesome as you can get. At first glance, she looks sweet and smart, friendly and approachable. However, if you look a little closer, you may catch an impish gleam in her eye that clearly says, "Spank me."

If good reactions make a good spanking video, than Sarah Gregory gives good reaction. Watch her in any of the Punished Brat productions. As the spanking progresses, the legs kick, her hand slaps the floor or her fist pounds the sofa in reaction to the swats, and her head is in motion like a bobblehead on steroids. You know she's feeling the spanking only too well, and she's not shy about letting you know how she feels about it. In the video "Summer With Cousin", when Mom Veronica pulls Sarah's panties down to continue the spanking on the bare, Sarah's cry of "M-o-m!" is a very authentic and plaintive wail of embarrassment at the indignity of being spanked, being spanked in front of her cousin, and being spanked on the bare bottom!

If you go to the Punished Brats site-- the site and click on "Pixie's Previews" for more pictures of Sarah Gregory. Better yet, join the site, and then you can have access to all her videos and all the photos in the Members section, including the photo Gallery. I think Sarah Gregory will become one of your favorites, too.

And if she ever moves to Minnesota, I know of an apartment for rent. I wouldn't mind her being the "Girl-Next-Door" for real.

(All photos are courtesy of The first photo comes from the Members picture Gallery, the second photo is from the video "Sassy Sophomore", and the last photo is currently in the Pixie's Previews section)


Anonymous said...

She looks to be very pretty and sweet, Dr. Ken. I can see why she is one of your favorites in the spanking scene. If you ever do meet her I am sure you will be able to find a way to spank her bottom! LOL!

Dr. Ken said...

Pest--if I ever got to meet her for real, I'd be happy to just shake her hand and tell her the same thing this post does: that I'm a fan.

Michael said...

Wow! You are really smitten with Sarah Gregory, Dr. Ken, and after reading your description of her videos, and seeing her pictures I can see why. Yes, definitely the girl-next-door type, a very spankable girl-next-door. Thanks!


Dr. Ken said...

Michael--I see that over on "The Cherry Red Report", one of Dave's most recent posts is, "I Heart Amelia Jane Rutherford." It must be something in the air...LOL

Dr. Ken

Michelle said...

Thanks for a spot on your blog role, I checked out punished brats after reading this post-- and I totally get it-- OMG the porno-I-totally-can't-watch-this-aspect is so not there. and I find that with most spanking sites it definitely crosses that line for me

Dr. Ken said...

You're welcome, and thanks for dropping by!
Punished Brats manages to walk that thin line, don't they? They keep the scenarios light and fun while delivering well-filmed spankings. The video clips found in "Pixie's Previews" or Pixie's Previews Archives give you a pretty good idea what to expect.

Anonymous said...

she's really a brat