Monday, March 31, 2008

Good News, Bad News

First, the good news: I'm back from the Crimson Moon spanking party, which was a rousing good time, and I'll write more about it another day. The trip down and back was uneventful, which is always good. And baseball season has started and the Minnesota Twins won the season opener 3-2 over the Angels! Whoo-hoo!
The bad news: It snowed here today--I thought we'd finally gotten to a point where that wasn't going to happen anymore, but the darn white stuff is back. I also have a nasty cold--out of nowhere on Wednesday I started coughing and could feel each one like a burning sensation in my lungs. The cough persisted through the party (which was annoying, but not overwhelming). It apparently was just waiting for Sunday because it kicked in with a vengence once I got back home. I coughed so much my abdominal muscles are actually sore today. It's getting better--I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into a bout of bronchitis. I went through that once before, and I don't particularly care for a rerun. And the last bit of bad news is that while I was gone, some @%#^ spammer posted a "comment" on one of my posts--you know, the type that make it sound like they know you and have your permission to do this--that "So good to talk to you, I'm leaving for the airport now, but if you want to make money click HERE" kind of crap. Well, I don't know you, I hope your plane crashes and everyone survives but YOU, and I don't want you posting your B.S. here!
I deleted the comment, and I'll do the same anytime I see this sort of thing crop up in the comments section of any of my posts. If it gets too bad, I may have to start moderating the comments.
So that's where we are right now. I'll write a bit about the Chicago party when I feel better. Here's hoping all of you are only getting good news!


Season said...

Who are the Twins?

Season said...

April Fool!

Season said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather in more ways than one. My part of Minnesota got a fresh blanket of snow, too.

Take some honey & lemon, get plenty of rest, and dream of spankings. Get well soon!

Pest said...

Dr. Ken, I am sorry to hear you are under the weather but glad to know you had a good time at the Crimson Moon party. So did you get to spank the twins at once? *WEG*

I am also sorry some dang person decided to be rude on your blog. That gives bloggers a bad name. The person who did that should be spanked! If it was a male I would be more than happy to oblige, Dr. Ken!

Get well soon and Happy April Fool's Day!

Season---you are too funny! Of course I should have known you would be the first one to pull the April Fool's Day joke first on this blog! LOL!

Cigi said...

I am sorry also that you are under the weather. Everyone I know has been sick, me included. Whatever it is, it kicks your butt so go to a doctor if you don't feel better in a few days.

As for the spammer, that is bad to hear, too, because he probably has done this to others and won't stop with you.

Hugs and hope you feel better soon!

devlinoneill said...

Oh geeze and for crying out loud! You're the Doctor - a hefty slug of brandy, teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar, and LOTS of boiling water in a thick Minnesota Twins mug. Sip swiftly, bundle up in bed and SWEAT that crap out of you. Like you need some California twerp telling you this.

Now get with the program, Doc! I want to hear your CM story.


Best wishes and get OVER it,

Pest said...

*Gasps* Uncle D! Way to tell the doc! *WEG*

Dr. Ken said...

SEASON--"Who are the Twins?" Boy, talk about someone who needs a spanking! :-) Thanks for the healthy wishes!

PEST--Yes, I did, but not "at once". I finally got the party report up, so you can read all about it!

CIGI--boy, you've got that right. I think just about everybody either was sick before the party, or was feeling it during the party, or came down with something after the party! And I those that spankings were supposed to be good for you!

DEVLIN--I'm tempted to say something like, "You come down with this, and let's see how soon YOU 'get over it'"--except I wouldn't wish this on anybody!
Let me substitute some Bailey's Irish Cream for that brandy, and you've got a deal!

PEST--Behave yourself!