Sunday, February 17, 2008

Taking Stock

Currently Drinking: Coke Zero

Favorite Food of the Day: Went to KFC earlier. Love that Popcorn Chicken.

Currently Reading: "Cruel and Unusual", by Patricia Cornwell

Currently Listening To: Marc Antoine, "Mediterraneo"; also The Eagles, "Long Road Out of Eden" and Carlos Santana's "Ultimate Santana" (it's a 5-CD changer, but it's not full. I highly recommend the Marc Antoine CD, btw)

Most Recent Movie: Rented "Stardust" from Blockbuster. It had a sense of humor to it that I hadn't expected, so I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Currently Watching: The complete third season of "Veronica Mars" on DVD. Not much to watch on TV thanks to the Writers strike (glad it's over!) and what there has been, I've been taping to watch later. I'm probably a good month behind in my TV viewing.

Current Mood: Wistful. Wishing there was someone here to share the evening with. Wishing one lady in particular that I know wasn't so far away.

How YOU doin'?


Pest said...

How am I doing? Not too good Dr. Ken! I am thinking how much my family must hate me not to want anything to do with me! Oh well I guess that is life!

Michael said...

Sorry to hear that Pest, hate is such a strong and ugly emotion. I know it's cliche but there should be more love in our world.

Dr. Ken, I can feel your mood bleeding right through my monitor. I only wish the best for you and all people. Like I said above there should be more love in our world.

If I may make a suggestion for your watching enjoyment, have you ever seen 'The Wire' on HBO? It is a gritty violent realistic look at the inner city of Baltimore's drug violence and the police who fight it. One of the best shows ever, but not for the faint of heart.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Andy Warhol and I agree that everybody should like everybody else.

Pest said...

Michael, I know hate is a strong word but of course my family aren't as close as I thought we were. That is life and I will move on. I do feel a little better but not much until I can get through the fact I am completely on my own without any family I can turn to. I do have my son and I will make the best for him!

Hermione said...

Vegging out, enjoying a brand spanking new statutory holiday!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Hermione, are you trying to make our American friends jealous? I don't think this holiday exists south of the border.

Dr. Ken said...

PEST--it's said that no one can love us--or hurt us--quite like family. Sorry to hear that you're going through the latter. Wishing you peace and love. Michael's right--we need more of it.

MICHAEL--I haven't seen "The Wire". The cable rates are ridiculous, and I cancelled my premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) years ago to try and keep the cost down. Fat lot of good that did--my cable bill has at least doubled since I did that, and I'm now paying more than ever.
If "The Wire" comes out on DVD, I'll look for it at Blockbuster.
For now, I'll probably start watching Seasons 1-3 of the new "Doctor Who" and the spin-off, "Torchwood".

KARL--I agree with Andy and you, although liking everybody is pretty hard to do....

HERMIONE--"Vegging Out Day" is now a holiday? Who knew? :-)

Pest said...

Dr. Ken and Michael, I am doing A LOT better today despite some emails from my Dad but I have decided that I am on my own and no one can make me happy but me! LOL! So now I am going to go to my appointments which I can now get to by myself WITHOUT depending on someone else. Now that is an accomplishment! I can't wait to test out my new independence!

As to Vegging Out Day as a new holiday....why can't we have one? LOL!

Michael said...

Totally agree with you, Dr. Ken, about the cable rates and I don't pay their extortionist prices for premium channels either. I have seen 'The Wire' as well as other HBO series on DVD. Actually, most times I don't even rent them but go to my local libray which has a very large DVD collection and check it out from there. My tax dollars at work.

Pest, so glad you are doing better and relying more on yourself, good for you. :)