Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heat Wave

While other parts of the country are being hit hard by snow and ice and sleet, the weather here today was practically balmy. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, the temperature got above 32 degrees and is supposed to be about 35 tomorrow. Can Spring be far behind?

It's still cold at night, though, so what I saw yesterday about 11 p.m. has me shaking my head just a little.

I was driving home from work, sitting in my car at a stoplight on 3rd Avenue and heading for the ramp onto 694 when suddenly a gaggle of gals ran across the street in front of me wearing nothing but their Friday-night-going-out-clubbing clothes. Short sleeves, short skirts, cleavage down to wherever cleavage goes down to. No jackets, no gloves, no headgear, no parkas, no anoraks, no winter coats, or coats of any kind, for that matter!

The high temperature yesterday was 22. By 11 p.m., it had to be about 10 degrees above zero.

These girls were running and laughing and shrieking because they had to be freezing their collective buns off!

Now, on the one hand, I appreciated the sight. It made me long for warmer weather, when the ladies will be dressed like that all the time. And they were all young and attractive, and the clothes fit well in all the right places--especially the lady who trailed the pack, who was wearing a horizontally-striped dress in shades of tan with orange accents. The dress clung very nicely to her bottom, and it was pleasure to watch her moving away.

Still, as they dashed away to what I hope was a fairly nearby club, I couldn't help but feel that they were getting ahead of the seasons just a bit.

This post has nothing to do with spanking, other than for me to say that all those young ladies probably deserved to have their bottoms warmed, risking their health like that. Today they're probably all hung-over and will have pneumonia by Monday.

Seriously, girls, wherever you are--there has to an easier way to get your nipples looking perky...... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken!

You reminded me of an incident that occurred back in college days. I went to a toga party in January (in Minnesota) at my then boyfriend's house. At some point we all decided to go to the local bar for last call. No coats. Just the sheets we were wearing. Most of us gals wore swimsuits underneath. We had to park about a block away but quickly warmed up once inside the bar. Then at closing time we ran back to the car, which then wouldn't start. This is back in the day before cell phones. Luckily another car full of friends heading back to the party discovered us and said they'd send someone back to help. That was the coldest, longest half hour of my life, shivering in the back seat of that car. A spanking would probably have been welcome at that point if nothing more than to keep warm!


Pest said...

Nice post Dr. Ken! I am sure it was a pleasant sight to see all those girls dressed like that and you are right! They ALL deserve a good spanking for risking their health like that but you never know they could have already been warmed up by alcohol! Hehehehehe!

Anonymous, your story was a good one too! You all should have been spanked for the same reason of risking your health like that in the middle of winter. What were you all thinking? LOL!

Dr. Ken said...

SEASON--Yes, you should have been spanked....and not just to be kept warm, either! I imagine this was one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" moments....
of course, those are the ones most likely to get you into a "bottoms up" position!

PEST--I don't know what she was thinking, but whatever boys they were with were thinking, "They're just wearing sheets. If we get 'em drunk...." :-)

Pest said...

Dr. Ken, I am 100% positive that is what those guys were thinking! We all know how BOYS' minds work when they're in the company of a beautiful girl or in this case, several beautiful girls! That leaves me out! *Pouts* Oh well some girls just have all the luck and fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,
First time on your Blog. I went to college in St.Paul and worked there for a year after college. 5 of the best winters of my life, though I don't miss 15 below zero and wind chills at -30 or more.

I remember going to classes for several consecutive weeks of minus zero temps. Then you got that first glorious day where the temp actually topped 5 degrees! Co-eds everywhere walking to class in shorts, skirts, short sleeved shirts. That first showing of skin was always exciting, even if it was still winter and only for that first day or so.

I agree with pest, they all deserved a good spanking and alcohol was probably helping them out a little.

Hope it warms up for good soon!
Hockey Goon

Al said...

They must have been visiting from Newcastle ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pest - it was college, I don't recall doing any thinking at all! :)

Dr. Ken - I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations on my crime has run out. Whew!


Dr. Ken said...

HOCKEY GOON--glad you found your way here, and I hope you're having fun reading the posts. And you're right--I went to the U, and I remember walking across campus on a warmer winter day, enjoying the sight of a lady in an actual skirt instead of a snowmobile suit....
And I agree with your hopes for it to warm up soon!

AL--Oh, so THAT explains it! :-)

SEASON--First thing you need to learn is that when it comes to spankable offenses--there IS no "statute of limitations"... :-)
LOL on your other comment! When I was in college, about the only thing I was thinking was, "I wish this were over!"

Pest said...

Anonymous-I never went to college so I didn't know students didn't think there! LOL! Also if you agree with me on the girls getting spanked for only wearing togas on that winter day wouldn't that include you? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken -- *gulp*

Pest -- I plead the 5th.