Friday, February 15, 2008

Blog Jam part 2

(photo courtesy of Punished Brats)

On February 12th, Amber "Pixie" Wells celebrated the 1-year anniversary of her blog, Spanking Pixie. Please drop by and leave a comment wishing her a happy blogiversary! Tell her the Good Doctor sent you.

Do you think we could get Charm City Cakes to do a spanking-themed cake in her honor? Maybe they could recreate one of the scenes she's done for Punished Brats. Just imagine Pixie all covered in fondant....

Oh, my.....did it just get warm in here? (fanning myself)

BTW, Pixie has added a link to Spanking Minnesota on her blog. Such a sweetheart! Now you know why I go there every day. Her blog is consistently funny, clever, and insightful, and well-worth reading.

I've also been informed that Bonnie's blog, My Bottom Smarts, has added a link for Spanking Minnesota, as well. MBS is one of the better blogs out there, and I consider it an honor to discover that she has linked me up.

Some future plans: I do plan to have a More Blogs I Like section included here, probably directly below the list of blogs I read daily, along with a section of pay websites that I enjoy. There is no timetable on this. I'm just doing these things slowly--one step at a time, as the wise person says.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Now I guess if Pixie were to clone herself and if she and her clones started a band, they could call themselves "The Pixies". No, wait, there already is a band called that.

I see that Pixie's blog has been running for a year and now it's finally caught up to her. And thanks to someone's bright idea, she'll get 120 spanks in honor of the occasion.

Dr. Ken said...

KARL--She plans to film her blogiversary spanking and use it in a future video clip in the "Pixie's Previews" section of the Punished Brats site. What a gal....:-)

Dr. Ken